Training for entrepreneurs: a new step to empower a vital sector for our country

A few days ago we learned, thanks to the INE, that the number of companies created increased by 6.6% last November, compared to the same month of 2021, up to a total of 8,717 new mercantile companies.

There is no doubt, Spain is a country of entrepreneurs and the appetite to create business projects is reactivated with intensity after months of fear. There are many factors that can influence this uptrend: slightly more optimistic indicators, the approval of several laws that encourage and facilitate the creation of a new business or the existence of more and more tools that a future entrepreneur can turn to to create his company.

And it is that, until very recently, the training of entrepreneurs as a formal discipline did not yet exist despite the great interest that the subject arouses. This is demonstrated by the most recurring queries on the internet: among the main words on the subject searched on Google in 2022 are “how to start a business”, “ideas to start a business”, “training to start a business” or “requirements to open a business in Spain”. , according to the latest data made public semrush. Along the same lines, IDC Research Spain forecast that more than half of GDP in 2022 would be digital; It is not surprising, therefore, that young graduates are interested in professional opportunities that experts call “unicorn generators”.

As the trends show, those who consider a self-employment project seek specific training that broadens their business knowledge and Guide them to develop ideas, concepts and manage projects. There are many gurus or websites that offer advice and resources, but in reality, as such, there was no comprehensive discipline.

It is paradigmatic that, in a country where 7% of the active population plans to open a business in the coming years, there was no specific program that guides and give guidelines on what the process of creating a business from scratch is like. This is precisely the objective that obsessed us in order to complete our comprehensive package of services for future and current entrepreneurs.

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For this reason, from how much by the hand of founderz, a 100% digital business school, we launched a program on the market that trains, guides and helps all those who embark on the challenge of undertaking the entire process of creating a company. And it does so through content and methodologies with true added value, from sessions in the metaverse to support groups and networking.

Our priority objective has always been to facilitate the daily life of entrepreneurs and freelancers in the four countries in which we operate, and now we are taking a new step by accessing the training market. In this way, we offer our experience and knowledge to those who want to contribute to generating wealth by creating new businesses in a country, ours, whose economy is mainly made up of small and medium-sized companies.

We begin a key year to promote the creation of companies. This is precisely the moment when all of us who make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem have to be able to give our best to support and grow a vital segment of our market.

Carles Marcos, Country Manager of Qonto Spain.

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