Training is key to retaining talent in SMEs

The competitiveness of a company lies, to a large extent, on the talent of its workers. For this reason, it is important to continue training the teams, with the aim of offering a better quality of services, At the same time, aspects such as the professional evolution of the worker or their feeling of belonging to the organization are positively reinforced.

In addition, betting on training has become crucial in a context in which digital transformation has generated the need to create new skills, since new tools appear every day that require new knowledge and skills. The latest Salesforce Global Digital Skills Report indicates that 76% of workers say not feeling prepared for the future job and only 28% of respondents are participating in digital skills training programs. For this reason, 56% of Spanish companies consider it a priority to invest in training programs so that their staff acquire new skills, according to data from Accenture.

What is the problem? Although organizations can resort to the training bonus through the FUNDAE (State Foundation for Training in Employment), making use of the training credit offered by social security, for them it is a complex process and sometimes a high cost. . In order to reduce expenses, many corporations are betting on outsourcing the management of bonuses.

Some advantages of outsourcing

  1. Specialized Team. When we want to take advantage of the course bonus for our workers, there are many steps we have to take to ensure that we comply with the regulations required by FUNDAE. For this reason, for many companies it will always be more beneficial to outsource this work rather than finding themselves in the situation of having to do it themselves without prior experience or having their staff lose many hours of work in order to obtain the training bonus.
  2. Focus on what matters. These types of procedures require a lot of patience because the bureaucratic process can become very tedious. In this sense, outsourcing bonus management saves the company dealing with the administration. It will be the management entity itself that acts on your behalf and responds to any questions or complexities that may arise, while the company continues to deal with the key activities of your business.
  3. Guarantees effectiveness. While for the company any problem that may arise is new and has to spend considerable time trying to solve it, a bonus management company has already faced it on many occasions. This factor will allow us to act more quickly and efficiently, and without the stress of having to waste time on something we do not understand.

In the words of Anna Torner, CEO of the manager Ágora: «Before starting to collaborate with a company, we check the credit, we study the possibility of recovering it and we help to plan the training in such a way that it is as profitable as possible. In addition, at Ágora, we do not force you to spend the credit on us, we consider it important to give freedom to choose the best professional for each course that the company needs».

In sum, outsource bonus management for employee training, Through a specialized manager, it is a guarantee for the company in terms of time optimization and cost reduction. In addition, having the experience of managers such as Ágora, the organizations ensure that the courses managed comply with the regulations imposed by FUNDAE, and are also profitable.

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