Transcend Introduces New U.2 PCIe Gen4 SSDs

The firm Transcend has expanded its catalog of SSD drives with U.2 interface compatible with PCIe Gen4 standard launching the new UTE210T series. These storage units are aimed at the professional sector, they adopt the 2.5-inch format and work in x4 mode, which means that they can offer a high level of performance.

Transcend UTE210T SSDs use 112-layer 3D-stacked NAND Flash memory, and features an eight-channel controller to maximize performance. According to the company, these drives can reach a maximum sequential read speed of 7,200MB/sand a sequential write speed of 6,500MB/s. These are excellent values ​​considering that we are dealing with a PCIe Gen4 unit.

Unlike other drives, which use SCL NAND Flash as cache, the Transcend UTE210T comes with a block of DRAM as a cache, which improves its useful life and significantly increases performance. As you would expect, these drives also feature power supply drop protection systems, which protect and ensure data integrity.

The Transcend UTE210T are compatible with the Scope Pro Software, that will allow us to remotely monitor and manage the status of each unit, something that undoubtedly represents an important value for any professional.

These units are available in configurations up to 8TB capacityand they can work with ambient temperatures ranging from 25 degrees below zero to 75 degrees C. We do not have official details about the sale price in Spain, but after seeing its specifications it is clear that it will be higher than that of “conventional” SSD drives, something understandable since we are dealing with high-performance models for companies that also come with DRAM as a cache.

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