Transform your home into an arcade paradise with these four must-have options

Unfortunately for the new generations, it has been lost in many places of our national geography. the figure of the arcade that houses dozens of arcades inside with wonderful games created by some of the greatest minds that have ever seen. Gone is the golden age of SEGA, Namco, Taito, Midway, Capcom, Konami, SNK and a long list of names that have raised us over the last 45 years.

Turn your house into an arcade

The fact is that a few years ago having a recreational machine was not very profitable for us because it was heavy and expensive furniture that, moreover, did not allow having too many games inside at the same time. The plate systems were a nuisance and getting them… an increasingly expensive vice. So thanks to MAME and other emulation platforms, as well as thinning the thickness of the monitors, it caused a boom in the creation of specific models for the home, at a reasonable price and that still kept the design lines of the old furniture. of the billiards

So we have bundled up our heads and we bring you four models that, each in their own way, They will allow you to enjoy the typical arcades of arcades again without having to worry about the number of games that they can offer us and which in many cases number in the thousands: 5,000, 8,000… the number only depends on everything you want to have in the room and, if you are crafty, to add later when you take the toy home.

Four (somewhat) different models

For the first model we have opted for one of a lifetime arcade type. A standing piece of furniture, decorated with the artwork of the famous Mortal Kombat II and that weighs 30 kilos, has a height of 1.20 meters (it comes with an elevator to make it a tad taller and can be played comfortably), two players and the possibility of adding all the games that we want within the emulation platform that it uses . This is a design that Midway used in the 90s and was very popular in some entertainment centers at the time.

The second model is Wonderful if you are two brothers at home or two friends living on the same floorbecause it is a system with a double 10.1-inch screen, sticks and configuration of six buttons that you can use on a table. It goes without saying that for fighting games or with mode versus It is a real joy that will turn your Saturday afternoons into a complete party vintage.

The third model that we propose to you loses the shape of the typical arcade cabinet in a recreational room but has the advantage of You can easily put it on a table. In addition, it is possible to use it in wallet mode (you have to put coins in to play) or free, so if your friends become very fond of it, charge them and that way you get a bonus. It has a 15-inch screen and includes 5,000 games from both old arcade games and video game consoles.

For the end we leave an arcade model that has an extraordinary feature and it is that it is transportable because we can close the screen on the body and take it to another place easily (remove the stick, yes indeed). It has a 14-inch screen and 10,600 games already installed from both consoles and arcade machines from all eras.

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