Transform your studio into a recording studio with the best Trust mic

Trust It is one of the most recognized manufacturers when it comes to PC accessories, and this time it has put all the meat on the grill to simply provide the best that its technology can create. We are facing a professional microphone that will allow any user to record practically with studio quality, whether to broadcast live or to communicate with their colleagues while playing, always with a full sharpness.

Trust GXT 255+ Onyx, the professional microphone you’ll want to have

We are going to start by looking at the technical characteristics of this new professional microphone from Trust, and then we will tell you all the benefits it offers, especially taking into account that the manufacturer indicates that it is a studio quality microphone … we will see if it works. size.

Trust GXT 255+ Onyx
Microphone type Desktop
Patterns Cardioid
Connection USB-A 180 cm
Dimensions 980 x 80 x 70 mm
Weight 400 g
Sound pressure 130 dB
Frequency response 30 Hz – 18,000 Hz
Sampling rate 24 bit, 96 KHz
Echo cancellation Yes, integrated
Noise reduction Do not
Technology Condenser
Accessories included Articulated arm with table grip
Pop filter
Warranty 2 years
PVP € 199

This microphone from Trust has a frequency response that goes from 30 Hz to 18 KHz, so that you can capture the human voice in the entire spectrum so that the recordings have our natural tone of voice, without distortions or changes. In addition, with a sound pressure of 130 dB we ensure that we can capture all sounds, from loud screams to the lightest whispers, all with the great clarity that your 24 bit 96KHz sample rate guarantees.

We are facing a device that does not have active noise cancellation, but as we will see immediately between the cardioid pattern, the arm, the spider support and the integrated pop filter, we will ensure that the noise that seeps into the recording will always be minimal. In addition, it does have echo cancellation, and as it uses condenser technology we can be sure that its operation will always be optimal, we use it for what we use it, be it for streaming, voice communication, podcasting, singing, etc.

With a cardioid and condenser-type audio pattern, this microphone stands out in the first instance because it already incorporates an articulated arm with table anchor, a spider mount and an anti-pop filter, accessories that already give it a great added value beyond the technical specs of the microphone itself.

It is specially designed, according to the manufacturer, for content creators because its professional membrane is perfect for capturing the voice of the users who use it, whether in a recording for a video, live for streaming, to make a podcast or for use it with voice communication tools such as Discord or TeamSpeak.

Thanks to your cardioid pickup pattern background noise is greatly reduced and only the voice of the user who is using it is captured; In addition, it incorporates a grille (built-in pop filter) that passively filters unwanted noise, which makes it ideal for podcasts, voice-overs and live recordings as each sound enters the device’s pick-up condenser already clean. In addition, the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx has USB connection, so it couldn’t be easier to connect it and start using it on any type of PC, since you won’t even need to install drivers for it to work.

The support arm is made of high-grade aluminum. great resistance which greatly reduces the vibrations of the table so that they do not enter the recording, but also as a spider mount is included from the factory, the microphone is actually in suspension and therefore the vibrations are always reduced to the minimum expression . In addition, it is fully adjustable, which guarantees always being able to place it in the best position and angle so that it does not disturb and, at the same time, that the user’s voice is perfectly captured. On the other hand, the fact that it comes with a factory adjustable stand is a huge advantage because unlike other tabletop microphones, does not occupy space on the desk.

Trust GXT 255 Onyx

Among the other characteristics of this studio-quality microphone, the headphone port that allows you to connect a minijack headphones and thus listen to our own voice when speaking stands out, something ideal since as it has zero latency in the transmission we can listen to the recording in real time. On the body of the microphone we can find a gain dial to easily adjust the pickup sensitivity of the microphone, and we can also mute it with a single press. The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx also has a LED lighting which serves, in this case, to indicate the status (if it is on, silenced, etc.).

The microphone has, in any case, a universal anchor so if you do not like the arm or the support that Trust includes with it or you already have some installed on your table and do not want to change them, you can always use this GXT 255+ Onyx with the equipment you already have. As you can see in the images above, the device has a micro USB connector (and the arm itself has USB ports to make a kind of bridge), so you will have no problem integrating it into any type of installation you have already done in your desk.

Price and availability

Trust GXT 255 Onyx

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is available in the network of usual stores of this manufacturer (in Spain we can find it in stores such as Amazon, GAME, MediaMarkt, Alcampo, BEEP, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Fnac, Hipercor, Miro, PC Box , PcComponentes and Worten) as of September 2021, and its recommended retail price is 199 euros.

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