Transformers: “Kingdom” is coming, the final chapter of the War for Cybertron trilogy

The trilogy of War for Cybertron is about to come to an end with the arrival of Kingdom, the third and final installment of this animated series about Transformers.

The events of the first two seasons will lead the protagonists to clash and ally with the factions Maximal is Predacon, coming from the future.

Kingdom will conclude the War for Cybertron trilogy

War for Cybertron: Kingdom will arrive on July 29 on Netflix with six episodes that will close the animated trilogy based on Transformers. The show, born from the collaboration between Netflix, Hasbro and Rooster, has garnered acclaim from the public and fans and the third series will close a well-structured narrative arc.

The trailer released by Netflix on its Youtube channel to announce the arrival of the final chapter will make many Beast Wars fans happy, showing the protagonists of War for Cybertron committed to facing the mighty Maximal and the terrible Predacon, in a fight to win the Gold Record.

After landing on Earth, the Autobots and Decepticons face off against two rival Cybertronian factions from a future their conflict has inadvertently created, as the heroes and villains of the classic Beast Wars series make their debut in War for Cybertron. Now the Autobots must team up with the Maximals to take on the Decepticons, who have joined forces with the Predacons, in the race to find the missing AllSpark. However, the Predacons are in control of the Golden Disk, a mysterious artifact that has a personal connection to Megatron and gives him an incredible advantage over his archenemy Optimus Prime. Which faction will triumph in the final battle that will decide Cybertron’s fate?

A clash at the last transformation what will come up Netflix on July 29 with War for Cybertron: Kingdom, incredibly rich in Transformers of the older generations to which the animal protagonists of the series will be added Beast Wars, soon also present in the new movie Transformers: Rise of the Beast.

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