Transformers: revealed the official title of the new film

Paramount has released the first details on the next film dedicated to Transformers, by title Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. A reference not just that launched towards the series Beast Wars, with producers intent on proposing a different story from what we have seen so far.

Lorenzo of Bonventura is Steven Caple Jr., during the presentation, they confirmed that the characters and factions of Beast Wars will be in play in the new project dedicated to transformable robots.

Paramount reveals the title of the new Transformers movie

The first information and the first details related to the new film dedicated to Transformers and the road taken by Paramount seems to go in a new direction compared to what we have seen so far. With the title Transformers: Rise of the Beast, the film will base its characters on the hit series Beast Wars, the first 3D animation experiment for Hasbro’s robots.

We wanted to give the public a lot of news“Said Bonaventura. “We’ve exhausted the clash between the Autobots and Decepticons, and a new set of villains with different priorities will arrive. From the Autobots we will pass to the Maximals, with the arrival of characters not included until now“.

The film will be set in 1994 and it seems that the main hero will be Optimus Prime, in a version very similar to the G1.

I care so much about this character and have seen Bumblebee. I wanted to go beyond the metal that covers him to tell his experience on earth“Continued Caple Jr.,”We are approaching the G1 and will see an Optimus Prime very similar to the original“.

In the film there will also be new factions in addition to the well-known Autobots and Decepticons: the Maximal, in the animated series, direct descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons, descendants of the Decepticons. In addition to them, the Terracon will appear, robots created by man to defend the earth from new alien threats.

Our goal is to build a backstory for all these characters, something that is more than just ‘let’s conquer the world.‘”.

Below, you can find the official logo revealed by the franchise’s social networks:

The film is expected to debut in theaters as early as 2022.

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