Translucent prototypes of AirPods and a 29 W charger appear.

A well known collector of Apple devices, Giulio Zompetti, has managed to get two new pieces for its collection of Apple prototypes. They are AirPods with the translucent plastic casing, and a strange 29 W wall charger also with the transparent casing.

All of these units are very hard to come by. Not because they have a transparent casing, since it is usually done with prototypes to be able to show their interior without disassembling them, but because normally all these test units are destroyed by the company when the project is finished.

Giulio Zompetti, a well-known collector of prototypes of Apple devices, has just published on his account Twitter his latest acquisitions for his collection. It is about AirPods (1st or 2nd generation, to be determined) with the translucent plastic casing, and thus the internal components of the headset are perfectly appreciated.

That said units have the transparent shell, it is not a strange case. In this way, the first prototypes of many electronic devices are usually manufactured, since this way the internal components that comprise it can be shown, especially to show them in work meetings between project engineers.

A few days ago, Zompetti also published some images of a prototype of 29W Apple charger. with a translucent casing. The 29W power adapter was built into the 12-inch MacBook, but was discontinued with the notebook in 2018 and replaced with a 30W adapter.

Zompetti is famous for collecting prototypes of Apple devices. Among its prized pieces is an Apple Watch Series 3 with additional connectors, an original iPad with two 30-pin ports, an iPhone 12 Pro prototype, a third-generation iPod touch with a rear camera, several rare original Apple Watch prototypes, and , above all, a prototype of AirPower that works perfectly ..

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