Transparent wallpaper for all iPhone models

Transparent iPhone wallpaper.

Surely you have come across the typical advertisement or TikTok where you can see an iPhone with a transparent wallpaper, and you have been looking at it and thinking about what It is a pity that the careful design of the interior of an iPhone is wasted for being covered

It may also be that you have come across the same type of content, but showing a mobile that is capable of letting you see through itself. It’s not a fantasy, or at least not entirely. Below we detail you.

Backgrounds inside your iPhone

In this section we will see where andCorrectly find and apply a transparent wallpaper that emulates seeing the electronics of our iPhone.

The operation is simple, only we will have to get an image of the interior of our iPhone model, to then apply it as wallpaper. It sounds easy, but you could find yourself with the odyssey of finding a good quality image of your specific mobile model and without downloading a thousand useless applications.

This is where I’m from Mac comes in. We’ll show you where to get the images of all the modelsand with optimal quality.

Transparent wallpaper for iPhone.

Where do I download them?

Surely you know iFixit from videos you’ve seen on the internet, from repair tutorials you’ve seen… Well, this company, in the English version of its blog, posts all device wallpapers to which he performs a quartering. Its main reason is that you see the inside of your mobile, computer, tablet, and even a smart watch before launching to repair it. However, our purpose will be another.

To find all available funds You can enter the blog of the English version of iFixit from this link.

Now we just have to find our specific model. Remember to take into account the size, if it is a Plus or Max modelfor example, to find the transparent wallpaper that fits your iPhone perfectly.

How I put it?

Once the wallpaper file is downloaded, we will have to save it in our photo library. This will be as simple as entering the iOS share button and pressing save image. Once we have the image saved, we will go to Settings > Wallpaper, and we will only have to search for our image to apply it to the entire screen. R.Remember to activate the depth mode at the bottomso that when moving it a more realistic feeling and not a flat photo.

As a curiosity, we can also change the color of the background of our iPhone, or even make it change our background to a black and white tone with a certain mode applied, for example, from iOS focus modes settings. To enter this setting you will only have to press and hold your lock screen, it’s that simple.

You can replicate these same instructions for the rest of the devices that you have, an interesting idea that is more realistic than on a MacBook, for example, would be to apply it on an iPad.

Funds that emulate transparency

The other category that we are going to see in the article are the backgrounds that emulate being transparent through the camera. They are the ones that really comply more with the premise of being transparent as such, but this has a sea of ​​cons that we explain to you.

Transparent wallpaper working on Android.

  • They don’t exist on iPhone: The first point, and most important if you are reading this blog. If you’re here, it’s because you’re an iPhone user, and luckily or unfortunately it’s the type of applications that would allow you to emulate these types of funds are not allowed in the App Store from Apple. You can only find them on Android phones, but beware, the following buts are also applicable to them.
  • Battery consumption: Make your mobile camera be active all the time and playing in good quality to emulate this effect it would consume a real barbarity of energy. The battery life of the device using this type of application would be greatly reduced. For not forgetting that we would be subtracting useful life cycles from the battery into something really insignificant.
  • They don’t work really well: In the end, these applications only show the camera in its most open format, to try to better emulate that your screen was transparent, but how can you understand you will not see his hand behind the mobile as it is made to understand in ads and videos on social networks, unless you pass your fingers in front of the camera.
    It won’t have a good definition either., or it will be so similar to reality as to seem that your mobile is really “invisible”. For this reason, in the end is nothing more than an application to laugh with colleagues while you have a beer. Like that application to drink such a beer, which became so famous at the beginning of the first smartphones.

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