Transport demand will grow 42% in the coming weeks, according to Ontruck

This year, the Black Friday and Christmas campaign is marked by uncertainty due to the tensions that are being experienced in the global supply chains. The interruption of the flow of goods makes it difficult to make accurate forecasts on the behavior of demand, but Ontruck, a digital company for the transport of goods by road, estimates that this will grow in Spain by 42% compared to the levels of October.

The company forecasts that major peaks in demand for carriers will take place on November 26, and December 10 and 17, in which it expects to register a cargo volume of more than 35% compared to October. The biggest peak, however, will be on December 3, just before the bridge, when they calculate that the order volume will reach a 50% increase.

Many companies are receiving supplies by the dropper and are being more reactive than other seasons, organizing your logistics on the go, as they receive the stock. They need to be very agile to avoid stock breakage at the points of sale, and since they are smaller volumes, the demand for urgent groupage transport services has increased instead of full load, which are more flexible and allow them optimize costs “, points out Javier Escribano, general director of Ontruck in Spain.

The Ontruck 24h service, which allows this groupage system, has grown about 40% in the last month, and the joint work of the algorithms of routing and allocation will be key to optimizing the space in the vehicles and the routes to be traveled. “Our goal is to be able to absorb the expected increase in cargo volumes and ensure a satisfactory customer experience ”, Scribe points out.

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In addition, the company is seeing a very strong demand for business shipments. consumer goods such as appliances, technology, electronics or household products to large logistics platforms or marketplaces (such as Amazon, Media Markt and Costco), in order to guarantee online sales during the big promotions that are coming.

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