Travel all over Spain thanks to these Instagram accounts

The first profile that we want to talk to you about in this compilation is, in turn, the one with the largest audience reaching the 284 thousand lovers for travel. This is the account of Marina Comes, passionate about traveling and photography. And this is precisely what he boasts on his account, with stunningly beautiful snapshots of all the places he visits. Among them, specifically speaking of Spain, we can see aerial views of La Rioja on a balloon ride, the rugged and rocky beaches of the north of the country, beautiful streets in Catalonia or the colorful houses of the Costa Blanca.

Another super interesting account that we have already told you about on other occasions is that of Street travelers, which already reaches the figure of 230 thousand followers in this social network. A profile in which Roger and Vanessa recount their adventures throughout the world as they travel. Like the rest of the members of this list, many of their captures allow us to see impressive places in our country such as: the Basque Country, Catalonia, Asturias or different parts of Andalusia. Something super curious about their account, although they are not the only ones who do it (it must be said) is that in their biography they announce at every moment where they come from and where they will go on their next adventure.

We continue with the story of Diana Millos, a psychologist by profession who discovered her true passion and, currently, it is what she does: traveling. A young Galician, passionate about photography and communication, who decided to open her own blog and this account on Instagram to let the world know the places to which she traveled. Among them we will be able to see many captures of his summer in Ibiza, his visits to the north of Spain, beautiful beaches and much more in all parts of the world. This girl has reached more than 135 thousand people in this social network who love their travels, their photographs and their good style.

The theme of traveling couples is something that is going to be repeated a lot in this list, we are letting you know. Specifically, now we want to show you the profile of Tania and David, two lovers of traveling the world. It is about a Valencian couple who go from one place to another sharing everything they see in their account of this social network. Speaking specifically of their travels through Spain, they will help us to know corners in Valencia (how could it be otherwise), Lanzarote, Fuerteventura or Menorca, as well as many more incredible places. Tania and David have a profile with more than 100 thousand users On Instagram.

If you are a regular in travel content on this social network, Sara Caballero’s account will probably ring a bell. A traveling influencer from head to toe who travels the world sharing her experiences and precious captures through Instagram on her account Sara’s Backpack. Of course, it also shows us beautiful places in Spain such as Cudiellero in Asturias, the Segobia viaduct or places as emblematic as the towers of Madrid. Currently Sara’s profile has fallen in love with more than 100 thousand users with its content.

We continue with Marta and Juan, this Mallorcan couple who enjoy living their life traveling. Both transmit a very good feeling in everything they share through their account, showing beautiful places such as Seville, Ibiza, Mallorca and many others. They take great care of their photographs, with a very nice and colorful feed. The number of lovers for the trips does not stop rising in the account of this couple, who already reach something more than 73 thousand followers in this social network.

In order not to turn the tables, we present you the account of Eva and Alex from 2 Worlds Found, this travel-loving couple who have already formed a family of more than 43 thousand users on his Instagram account. Good vibes, tips and tricks for traveling around the world is his motto when it comes to sharing content. Thanks to them we will be able to discover beautiful locations from the north to the south of Spain, as well as many other places in the world.

Now we want to show you the profile of Paco Nadal, a Murcian journalist who lives in Madrid and travels from here to there working as a filmmaker all over the world. One of the great images of Spanish journalism on travel issues. You will also be able to see much more of him in his book, in his participation in radio on Cadena SER or admiring his great photographs and videos that he hangs on his Instagram account. Paco is already followed by more than 42 thousand people Through this social network they enjoy all its content, recommendations and knowledge.

The account of Ainara Garcia is a true delight for photography and travel lovers. Specifically, the ideal profile that you should follow to discover true wonders of the entire north of Spain: the Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia, etc. A photographer whose studio, said by herself in her profile, is the forest and the mountains. Ainara is already followed 22 thousand users On Instagram.

Last but not least, we have Inma and José, another couple who love travel and share all their adventures. Lots of photography of the sea, skies, long exposures that, on many occasions, are from his homeland: Galicia. Although we will also be able to know many more corners thanks to this couple, who are already almost 20 thousand users in this social network.

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