Trezo keyboard and mouse: productivity and sustainability with minimal noise

Trust has announced the release of the keyboard and mouse package of trezowhich stands out for having silent keys and buttons, being made from 85% recycled plastic and allowing more sustainable and productive work, all with a 4* Clevergreen rating and an elegant and comfortable design.

The Trust Trezo keyboard and mouse set is designed for those office environments where workers can generate a lot of noise while typing, especially if some employees combine the fatal combination of a noisy keyboard, fast typing speed and the fact of hitting the keys themselves with force. Being next to a person who generates a lot of noise typing becomes annoying, and that is precisely the situation that this new package comes to correct.

Being verified by an independent company (ISO 7779:2018), Trezo’s keyboard becomes as quiet as a whisper to the user and the sound it generates when typing is comparable to the rustle of leaves, so it is much less annoying for the “neighbor” than other louder keyboard models.

The package includes Duracell batteries capable of providing a battery life of up to 48 months for the keyboard and up to 12 months for the mouse. Both peripherals are designed with modernity, comfort and accessibility in mind. Users will also enjoy an integrated wrist rest and smooth keystrokes.

Other features of the keyboard are office and multimedia functions that can be activated via the ‘fn’ key; spill resistant keys of tea, coffee and other liquids that can end up spilled; an on/off switch to save batteries; wireless operation with a range of up to ten meters; a mouse cursor speed of up to 1800 DPI; plus a ambidextrous design Able to accommodate left and right handed users.

The dimensions of the keyboard are 436 mm wide, 182 mm deep, 44 mm high and its weight is 752 grams. It officially offers support for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 10.15, macOS 11, macOS 12, and ChromeOS, all with a recommended retail price of 39.99 euros.

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