Tricks and tips to debut in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch. After several months of waiting full of teasers that have been shown in different Nintendo Directs, the game has finally landed on the Nintendo console, and it’s breaking all kinds of records. As we have already said, Splatoon 3 It is a title that improves the entire game system, polishing the mechanics and with a main mode that will provide us with hours of fun. If you have debuted in the franchise with this title, or you played the second installment a long time ago and you have already forgotten many things, here we show you some tips and tricks to start this third title on the right foot.

Use motion control

splatoon 3 motion control.jpg

You are not the only one. It has happened to all of us. You start the game, start the tutorial and… that thing about having to to move the arms to control the camera does not finish convincing you. You go to settings and disable it to have control with both joysticks. Well, you’re not getting the most out of the game.

Motion controls will take some getting used to, but in return, you’ll get much more precision and speed when aiming. If your idea is to play online once you get the mechanics, you will start at a disadvantage if you use the analog ones.

You may adjust sensitivity to the different weapons. Take your time learning the motion controls and see what sensitivity works for you to get the best handling possible.

use the map

splatoon 3 perspective.jpg

Do respawn in Splatoon 3 can be a bit disconcerting. You were holding your console making moves, and suddenly you don’t have a good reference of the Location where you are Well, take a quick look at the map. You will be able to see where the enemy is pressing and which path you need to follow to return to the attack.

It is also interesting to consult the map from time to time to see how the game is going from a less biased perspective than ours.

Choose your weapons well

splatoon 3 weapons

When a new weapon appears in Splatoon, it’s normal to just go for it and forget the rest. Take your time to discover the game little by little and see what advantages and disadvantages each weapon has. The weapon you use will depend entirely on your playstyle. Are you a lone wolf or do you usually do more team work? If you are one of the latter, it will be better to use objects focused on being able to move quickly around the stage and revive your companions when necessary. Let other team members get their hands dirty, never better said.

paint your base

base splatoon 3.jpg

This point is quite tricky, but newbies tend to forget it. As soon as you start the game, quickly fill your base with ink. Smearing the opponent’s area with ink is cool, but before going out to invade, we must ensure what is ours.

Try weapons before you buy them

weapons shop splatoon 3.jpg

Before you go shopping for a gun, you can taste it. Thus, you can have an idea of ​​​​whether or not it is worth investing in it.

When you are in the weapon shop, press the ‘Y’ button of the command to open the shooting gallery. There you can try special and secondary weapons. Take the opportunity to observe the scope of each of them and the damage they do. You can measure them using the dartboards as a reference. In this way, you will know which types of weapons best suit your style of play.

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