Tricks to organize all your MP3 music on a Windows PC

The amount of content that we store on the disk drives of our computers, over the years is increasing. One of the main reasons for all this is that the capacity of these hard drives it is getting bigger.

In them we store all kinds of our own content, in addition to the applications that we install and the mandatory operating system. But something that we must bear in mind is that the capacity of these disks is not infinite, so we must be careful in their management. And it is that, if the moment comes when we have to get to free up space In some ways, this can be a somewhat annoying and uncomfortable situation.

In addition, we increasingly tend to store large amounts of video and music, content that by the way takes up a lot of space. Along these same lines, we want to focus on the second mentioned section, that is, the music files that we keep over time. On many occasions these have MP3 format, and on a hard drive they can sometimes be found in the hundreds and even thousands.

Precisely when we store large amounts of this type of files in particular, it is important to carry out a certain management over their storage. In this way, what we achieve is that, when locating certain content in the future, we can do it without any problem. At the same time we will save space by avoiding duplicate music files, which sometimes becomes a serious trouble.


Create folders by genre, author or year

It is evident that when it comes to properly organizing all our music on the PC, 1 of the key elements here are the folders that we are going to use. A good management of them involves creating this type of content for different categories. A good idea is to create folders and subfolders depending on the genre, author or year of the music that we are going to store there.

In this way in the future it will not cost us at all to find certain music MP3 files in case we need them urgently. And it is that a good organization of folders and folders when organizing our music is essential.

Use external drives

To all this, we can add the use of different disk drives. By this, what we mean is that it is not always necessary that we have all the music available on the main unit of the computer. Once we have organized all this based on folders as we have seen in the previous point, some of them can be stored on external drives.

This will help us to save a significant amount of space on the main unit of our PC. We can even use units of storage that we have connected to the network and free the computer of content that we do not need at that time.

Edit MP3 metadata

And if we want to go a little deeper into the correct organization of our MP3 music, we can also edit the metadata of each of the records. It is true that this can be a somewhat cumbersome task if we have to do it with hundreds or thousands of songs, but the result can be very valuable. These metadata of the themes will help us to manage each of the files in a better way in the future.

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