Tricks to save RAM memory when opening an application on the PC

Much of the performance and operation of our computer depends on the hardware components that we have. But we must also make a good choice of the operating system and the programs to use, for example, in order to save both RAM and CPU when executing them.

Keep in mind that as time goes by, software in general increases in terms of functionality and power. How could it be otherwise, this negatively affects the resource consumption of our teams. That is why every so often we have to update them or buy a new PC. But this is not always possible, much less not as frequently as we would like. Therefore, in order to continue enjoying a good experience with our computerit is recommended to optimize the use of installed applications.

Depending on the components installed on our computer, we can run some programs or others. This is something that becomes especially important in those related to the designvideo editing, 3d workor the games. Surely on more than one occasion you have faced a partial crash of the operating system when we needed it most. One of the most common reasons for all this is due to the lack of available RAM memory at that instant.

Precisely to avoid all this that we are mentioning, we can carry out a series of movements that allow us to save memory when opening an application on our computer. In this way, what we achieve is that it is executed as quickly as possible and works properly. Let’s see some tricks that we can carry out to achieve this that we tell you.

Save memory when opening applications and improve them

In our daily work with our team we open and close programs almost constantly. However, we must take into account the limitations of our computer, since otherwise it may be negatively affected in terms of its general operation. A particularly delicate moment is when we are about to start up a new installed application. So that this common action does not affect the rest of the team, let’s see how we can save RAM in the process.

At this point and before starting the new program, the first thing we recommend is close the rest of the apps we don’t need. With this, what we really achieve is to free part of the PC’s RAM memory that is occupied. The same happens with those sections or functions of the operating system itself that we have running at that moment, the best thing is stop the process or close it. We always have the possibility to take a look at all this in the Windows Task Manager and thus end those unnecessary processes that are running.

save memory manager

In the same way, if we have a somewhat limited team in terms of resources, we also recommend choose light programs. With this, what we want to tell you is that today we have at our disposal certain software that is very similar to each other belonging to a certain sector, but with a very distant consumption of resources. This is something that affects both the occupation of the hard drive and the consumption of RAM and CPU.

On the other hand, we should choose to run those applications when there is no work scheduled by the operating system. By this we mean that the daily antivirus scan, the automatic backup, or the update of the system itself does not start.

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