Tricks to work faster with Adobe Illustrator

Partly thanks to current equipment and available software, everything related to the design sector is on the agenda more than ever. A clear example of all this can be found in the program adobe illustratorone of the best known proposals of this software giant and that focuses on the use of vector graphics.

This allows us to carry out our own designs focused on logosposters, banners and drawings of the most diverse nature. In addition to all the functions that we are going to find here, to get the most out of this application our creativity also comes into play. As with many of the programs of this company, they are among the most important in their sector thanks to everything they are capable of offering us.

Adobe Illustrator was not going to be less, so making the most of all the features available here will take us a long time. With everything and with it we have the possibility of entering this type of design tasks and expand our knowledge little by little. However, we will always be able to shorten this long road a little thanks to some tricks and tips what we can do. This will allow us be more productive in Adobe Illustrator and work faster.

Next, we will talk about some of these tricks that we mentioned for you. gain efficiency and ease when designing in this software solution. In addition, it is interesting to know that these are valid for both novice users and the most experienced in this design software solution.

Improve your productivity in Adobe Illustrator

  • Use multiple strokes on one object: We already told you that this title focuses on the use of vector graphics that have a stroke and a fill. However, we can improve the performance of these elements by using multiple strokes and fills on the objects simultaneously.
  • Use masks to hide parts: here it is important to know how to use the masks, since they will save us a lot of time. This is a shape that masks the object under it. In this way we can better control what we want to be shown from a content and what is hidden.
  • Create patterns and textures faster: Initially creating patterns and textures is time consuming when done manually. But this is something we can speed up by using the Blend tool. This way we can repeat the same objects a certain number of times, transform a shape or create gradients. All this will allow us to save time in the future.
  • Take advantage of freehand shapes– To use Adobe Illustrator even faster, we can also design shapes and draw them freehand. We achieve this with the Shaper tool that recognizes certain gestures to easily draw circles, rectangles or triangles. By doing it freehand, even if we make mistakes, the program will turn them into perfect shapes.
  • Switch between colors quickly: When working with color schemes, we’ll see that sometimes we need to change all swatches of a single color in the image. Well, this is something that we can do quickly with a function of the program, Recolor Artwork. It allows us to select different tones of an object in a faster and more effective way.
  • Draw inside the shapes: This application has three drawing modes depending on your use and location. One of them allows us to draw only within the limits of a selected object, something that will be useful when working on icons, buttons or small details.

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