Triditive promotes additive manufacturing to meet the needs of the Army

The production of parts on demand noticeably gains in effectiveness with the additive manufacturing, which generates significant advantages with the manufacture of geometries that are not possible in a traditional way. Plus, reduce inventory levels and production costs by printing on demand.

Since the installation of the first Amcell1400 platform at the PCMAYMA in Valladolid, Spain, Triditive has committed to printing several spare parts in 3Dboth in metal and in polymers for different types of applications in the defense sector.

The Amcell1400 series will provide the defense sector with the highest productivity at the lowest cost per printed part, ensuring full scalability due to its hardware and software platform. At the same time, its build volume (400x400x400mm) enables the production of large steel and polymer replacement parts for applications in global military operations.

Army Needs

The Amcell1400 series was designed to fit the needs of the Land Army in terms of print volume, capable of print on metal and polymers With high safety standards, the unit installed in PCMAYMA meets military grade requirements.

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Triditive’s Amcell 8300 series was first introduced at Formnext 2018 in Frankfurt. It is an automated system to increase the production of metals and polymers in order to bring additive manufacturing to the production floor with the lowest cost per part.

“We hope that our technology will accelerate the applications of 3D printing in the sector defense, we are showing that the automation of additive manufacturing with Amcell is the best solution for scale production with additive manufacturing»assures Mariel Díaz, CEO of Triditive.

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