Tripod for iPhone: discover the different types that exist

tripod for iphone

Although the vast majority of users usually take photos and videos directly with the phone, an iPhone tripod can be a tool that is quite useful for various situations where what we are looking for is to have better quality photos.

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Why use an iPhone tripod?

playmobil tripod

a tripod allows you to keep your iPhone stillwhich is especially useful for taking sharp photos in low light conditions or when you need a long exposure, which is especially useful in contexts of landscapes, portraits or night photography where you have to take advantage of every flash of light that you find.

Although the front cameras are very good, a tripod and preferably a bluetooth trigger or a Smartwatch that controls the camera could be great allies for high-quality selfies, without having to depend on a third party to hold the camera but with which you can play with the rear cameras that have infinitely more quality.

In the world of videos, it also brings us a lot, helping to work the zoom and releasing pressure on the stabilization sensorstherefore, if we dedicate ourselves to making time-lapses, we will have a better result using a tripod without a doubt.

In the end, what the tripod gives us is stability and prevents us from depending on our pulse to be able to take pictures and photos. Even if we have a welder’s pulse, we always add a little vibration when taking a photo or recording a video and this with the tripod would be eliminated.

What types of iPhone tripod are there?

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As you can imagine, there is no single type of tripod for iPhone, but there are different types that will be useful depending on the type of use we want to give our phone in order to take the desired photo. Let’s see the types that exist:

  • Table tripod: the most common. They are small and compact tripods designed to be placed on flat surfaces, which are what will give the iPhone its height.
  • Flexible or “octopus” tripod: if you are from the 80s and 90s generation, they will sound familiar to you because they were the most common in the cameras of that time. They are tripods that have semi-rigid flexible legs that will help us overcome unevenness.
  • Height adjustable tripods: that allow us to raise or lower the phone depending on the needs we have.
  • Swivel head tripods or gym ball: They are tripods mainly focused on video editing and making the image as stable as possible. In them the telephone is not fixed, but makes circular movements that will stabilize the image.
  • Tripods with built-in lighting: these are aimed at people who usually record themselves, such as streamers or video professionals. They usually have a ring of light that goes behind the phone and illuminates the face of the person in front of it, to maximize the brightness of the environment.

The best tripods for iPhone

Table tripod and Octopus type: CIRYCASE Tripod with Bluetooth control

CYRIASE tripod

As the recommended tripod type octopus we have chosen this one from the manufacturer CIRYCASEwhich is a clear evolution of the traditional tripod of the 90s.

The reason for choosing it is basically because of the quality of its components: This is a very durable aluminum alloy tripod that is quite flexible, which can even wrap its legs around objects in order to stabilize the phone.

It is small, simple and manageable, with the plus of havingIn addition, an adjustable ball-type head that will allow us to rotate it up to 360ºwhich will help us to make it more useful for different situations and to come with a bluetooth trigger that will allow us to take photos from a distance without having to program the mobile or make gestures to activate the selfie.

The best, without a doubt, its price. It is usually for less than 20 euros, so if we do not want to spend a lot it is a highly recommended option as a tripod for iPhone.

Fixed tripod: discover Victiv’s iPhone tripod

victiv iphone tripod

On Amazon we have been able to find this adjustable tripod from Victiv, which allows us to raise our iPhone up to 137 cm and which has high-quality additions for its price.

This tripod is made of aluminum, but it is designed to be comfortable and precise: it has rubber feet that will secure it well to the ground, it weighs little, and as extras it has a level to make sure that we have the iPhone as straight as possible.

The best thing is how complete the packaging comes: it comes with a transport bag, a bluetooth control to take photos from a distance and it also has a handle in case we want to lift it without having to lift it.

For about 22 euros that it costs on Amazon, we believe that it is a good purchase if you are looking for a tripod of this type.

Ring Light Tripod – A Complete iPhone Tripod with Ring Light by Railee

tripod with light for iPhone

If what we are looking for is to stream or make short videos for TikTok, we have found this good alternative to railee.

We especially liked it because it is an adjustable tripod that It seems to be very stable and of good quality.and also because of how complete it comes in terms of accessories: bluetooth trigger, carrying case and multiple hooks for mobile phones and cameras.

But the best is what makes it differential: the light ring, which is fully RGB: we can use multiple different colors from the different types of targets to play with multicolor effects.

For 36 euros, we can say that we are facing a complete tripod and very varied in functions. Although there are somewhat cheaper options, we believe that for what it gives in exchange for the price it deserves to be above these options.

The best gymball for iPhone: DJI Osmo Mobile SE

dji osmo mobile

If what you are looking for is a Complete gymball, of the highest quality, we have this option from DJI, the Osmo Mobile SE. It’s foldable, simple and simply works great. It has a very good magnetic docking for phoneswhich will allow us to dock and undock our iPhone quickly.

with your technology Active Track 6.0 will allow us select the target and have the gymball stabilizer follow it automaticallyalways guaranteeing that the video with the most optimal option comes out.

In addition to the product itself, it has downloadable scenario recording guides that teach you how to use it in different scenarios, as well as being able to use the LightCut application that will allow us to edit video using AI in a fast and enjoyable way.

Although it is not a cheap product, for 109 euros that is on Amazon we consider that it is a great cheaper option than others that we have seen in those parts, offering much more than the competition in that price range.

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