Tronsmart Bang Mini, new portable speaker with powerful bass and moderate price

A product that has an official price of 99.99 euros and that now has an introductory offer so you can buy the Tronsmart Bang Mini for only 76.49 euros through Amazon with its “TRONSMART15” coupon.

A compact and powerful speaker thanks to SoundPulse

With dimensions of 30.23 x 17.27 x 12.45 cm, this is a compact product that boasts a handle so you can take it with you. Tronsmart Bang Mini Bluetooth Speaker where you want.

A scaled-down version of the acclaimed Tronsmart Bang that boasts water resistance through its IPX6 certification that will allow you to use this speaker in any environment: beach, swimming pool, camping, at your barbecues… Take music anywhere!

In addition, this speaker is perfect for parties thanks to the seven neon lights that incorporates and that light up to the rhythm of the music. A customizable element with different patterns to enjoy a unique experience.

Tronsmart Bang Mini

Despite its small size, the Tronsmart Bang Mini has a set of speakers made up of two woofers, two tweeters and two passive so you can hear every last musical note through its 50W of power.

As if that wasn’t enough, this waterproof speaker features Tronsmart SoundPulse Audio technology to offer an acoustic landscape that will more than meet your expectations.

This technology is designed to improve sound at three points. On the one hand, it is capable of counteracting harmonic distortion and eliminating noise, making voices sound smoother, with a richer and more pleasant sound.

Colors Tronsmart Bang Mini

Besides, the sound pulse technology integrated in the Tronsmart Bang Mini uses its speakers to change the position of the sound output, expanding the range so that the music reaches all corners with better stereo.

Finally, SoundPulse has software processing capable of enhancing bass. Full-range speakers are often limited in reproducing high voices and deep bass, and this technology successfully corrects this problem.

Bluetooth, NFC… Connect your Tronsmart Bang Mini as you prefer

Continuing with the Features of the Tronsmart Bang Minithis waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity to be able to link your mobile phone and with the guarantee that the signal stability is total.

Charging a tablet with Tronsmart Bang Mini

As if that wasn’t enough, it also has NFC to quickly connect to any compatible device. The best of all? That, in addition to offering a long battery life, you can use the Tronsmart Bang Mini as a power bank to load any equipment.

A seamless product that you can now get for less than 80 euros thanks to a launch promotion that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with great value for money, the Tronsmart Bang Mini is perfect for you.

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