Tronsmart Halo 100 and 110: two Bluetooth speakers perfect for your parties

A family of products that boasts a very attractive design, and where its LED lighting system that light up to the sound of music to liven up any event and have a really fun time singing with its karaoke mode.

And it is that Tronsmart wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year by expanding its Halo family with two very complete portable speakers at a reasonable price. Particularly noteworthy is the Halo 110, a Bluetooth model with karaoke mode and built-in microphone so you can have a great time alone or in company.

As Tronsmart CEO Eric Cheng points out, “Wherever you party, Halo 100 is perfect for you, delivering incredible sound and hours of fun.”. A declaration of intent for two products that have a lot to offer.

New Tronsmart Halo 100 and Halo 110: the perfect speakers for your parties

Although technically they are very similar, with hardware loaded with power to offer the best sound, the main difference between halo 100 and halo 110 We see it in the fact that this second model incorporates a wired microphone so you can get the most out of its karaoke mode.

Halo 100 and Halo 110

For the rest, we are before two bluetooth speakers that exude quality from each of its pore thanks to quality finishes, as well as details, such as the built-in handle so that you can take them wherever you want in the most comfortable way.

And taking into account its up to 18 hours of autonomy, this family of portable speakers is perfect for you. They even have a USB port so you can charge your mobile phone as if it were a power bank, taking advantage of its 6,600mAh battery.

Tronsmart Halo 100 and Halo 110

Both the Tronsmart Halo 100 and Halo 110 boast IPX6 certified to ensure that water will not be a problem. Take them to the beach or camping and enjoy the best sound anywhere.

Turning to the acoustic section, the new Tronsmart Halo 100 and Halo 110 have woofers for enhanced bass, two midrange tweeters and one tweeter for treble clear that achieves an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt. More, with a power of 60W to guarantee a sound that will make you vibrate.

In addition, you will be able to control even the last parameter of the playback or the LED lighting (it has different modes), through the Tronsmart official app. And if you connect two Halo speakers you can enjoy fuller stereo sound for the best parties and events.

Two speakers boasting three RGB light modes at the front and two at the rear to ensure an unforgettable experience. So don’t hesitate to get the Tronsmart Halo 100, which now costs 99.99 euros. Regarding the Halo 110, it will reach all users in a few days at a price of 119.99 euros.

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