Trucksters culminates a Series A round of more than 14 million euros

The Spanish technological transport operator, Trucksters, has recently achieved eight million euros financing through a extension of the first phase of the investment round carried out in July 2021 by the company’s current investors. Thus, this figure is added to the first part of the round of 6.3 million euros made in July 2021.

With this capital increase, the Series A round at 14.3 million euros. With her, it will triple the technological equipmentnew corridors will be expanded and international expansion will continue, while conditions for drivers will continue to improve, for example, by making them pay for their trips earlier.

The current investors of Trucksters have decided to continue betting on the company given its potential. Thus, the round has had the support of Kibo Ventures, the German logistics fund Amplifier, Bonsai Partners, the German Joint Venture of Axel Springer & Porsche, and the funds Big Sur Ventures, Metavallon VC and The Valley VC. In addition, it has also had Sacha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo, and Juan Urdiales, CoCEO of Job & Talent.

At a particular level, Sacha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo, investor and member of the board of directors, has reinvested in this round and becomes Non-Executive President of the company. “What I have always loved most about Trucksters is how its model, based on technology and the possibility of taking over, has an impact on the lives of truckers, since it allows them to spend less time away from home. Trucksters has turned a very good idea into a reality, with spectacular growth. The current investors have decided to give it our maximum support, since they have enormous potential and it was not necessary to seek external financing. Trucksters is one of the most interesting startups on the current Spanish scene”, highlights the manager.

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On the other hand, there has also been a small gap in the round for new investors such as Juan Urdiales, CoCEO of Job & Talent, forming part of the list where startups such as Glovo, Wallbox or Cabify, among others, are already on the list. “I met the team a few months ago and they have executed exactly what they said they would execute. I believe that Trucksters is an ideal solution to face post-pandemic logistics chaos, and the technology they have developed will mark a new path in the long-distance logistics supply chain.”, explains Urdiales.

300% growth: more than 5 million euros in turnover

Trucksters had a turnover of more than five million euros in 2021, which represents a growth of 300% compared to 2020. The company, which has been in the market since 2018, works with the objective of becoming one of the Leading fleet operators in Spain and in Europe while improving the lives of truck drivers thanks to relays. By 2022, it plans to multiply its turnover by six to reach 30 million euros.

Luis Bardají Izard, co-founder and CEO of the company, highlights: “We are very satisfied with the support we have received from investors. This last year we have achieved great milestones that have allowed us to make a considerable leap in the sector and we are going to continue working along the same lines. Our main objective is to increase the team nationally and internationally, while we continue to add new routes and continue with international expansion. Our idea is to make the relay system the standard method in Europe. All this, while we improve the living conditions of carriers. We work to make the logistics ecosystem more sustainable and humane in every way”.

Great international expansion

Trucksters is already present and has teams in Germany, Belgium and Poland. The Netherlands and Italy are the next countries where new delegations are expected to open this year. Since 2020 it has successfully carried out routes between Europe and Spain thanks to its truck relay system for road freight transport based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The company operates as an airline through three main corridors: the Central/Northern Spain corridor connected to Benelux/West Germany; that of the Spanish Levante connected with Benelux and West Germany; and the Levant to Poland.

Trucksters moves more than 600 fully loaded trucks and has carried out almost 2,000 relays in the last year. In addition, its rapid expansion has meant that it already has 80 people on its team, to whom new additions will be added due to current vacancies.

The Trucksters proposal is already being used by more than 600 renowned Spanish and international companies such as Kimberly Clark, the DPD Group, Amazon or Seur, achieving very positive results in a short time, and thus solving the problems of the sector at a national and international level. .

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