Trust Atlanta, its first product made with recycled materials

“With Clevergreen we are at the beginning of a sustainable path for the brand”, – says Allard Boer, CFO of the brand, “We are significantly reducing the waste and plastics used in our products and their packaging, while making greater use of materials from renewable sources. We have also set ourselves the goal of improving recycling and optimizing our manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Trust Atlanta, a laptop bag made from recycled materials

Trust Atlanta

With the Clevergreen initiative (which we will talk about in a little more detail shortly), Trust has announced its first product made with recycled materials, the Atlanta eco bag for laptops. Oddly enough, this bag has been manufactured using 18 PET plastic bottles, which have become the threads with which the bag has been made. As you can see, it is a bag for 17-inch laptops that has plenty of space to also carry cables, charger and even peripherals.

The origin of the materials used for the manufacture of this bag have been verified according to the GRS standards, which means that the supplier of the fabric has a certificate from the Global Recycling Standard that guarantees its origin.

«Continuing with the traditional method is no longer an option; We must pay special attention to the planet and the ecological system, so it is our responsibility and ambition to design sustainable products and offer them to consumers. This is not something that can be achieved immediately, rather it is a continuous effort and we are committed in collaboration with our partners and suppliers to carry out these changes in our production chain, operations and product ranges ”.- Boer states.

The Clevergreen initiative, for the environment

Trust Clevergreen

With this initiative, the Trust has focused on smart changes that can make a big ecological difference, and they have already reached some milestones. For example, nowadays no one pays attention to product instruction manuals because they can be easily consulted on the Internet and they end up in the trash, so the company has eliminated paper instructions from its products.

Trust has also reduced the size of its packaging boxes and is replacing and eliminating the plastic ear pads; “By making this change to our GXT gaming headsets, we have achieved a 16% reduction in plastic use in 2020. We are constantly looking for recyclable alternatives to traditional packaging methods, and we participate in various audits to obtain sustainability certificates such as FSC and GRS ‘.

In fact, in order for users to have all the information related to the sustainability of their products, Trust has introduced an ecological classification system on its products and packaging. For example, this classification will be based on the use of FSC certified cardboard or packaging with an optimized volume free of plastics, foam, PVC and expanded polystyrene. The best classification will be applied, of course, when the packaging is as respectful with the environment as possible and the product itself is made with recycled materials, such as the Atlanta bag that we have talked about.

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