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We have seen in recent years how gaming desks They have become quite fashionable. There are many brands of peripherals that have one of these elements. Gaming chairs they have been around for quite a bit longer and are extremely popular for their good ergonomics. Trust within its GXT gaming division offers really interesting solutions.

Trust GXT 1175 Imperius, a gaming desk with everything you could ask for

We start with this interesting gaming desk australia format with quite interesting elements. The first thing to note is that the table has a length of 140 cm and a depth of 66 cm. As we can see, the dimensions of this table fall within the usual parameters.

The surface of this table is another aspect to highlight, as it is covered by a large mouse pad. Basically, we have a mat of the same shape and dimensions as the table. Of course, this can be removed and washed in the washing machine without major problems.


This Trust gaming table has a headphone holder when we are not using them. So we have the table perfectly clean and tidy. It also has a soda holder, which is quite useful. We will avoid leaving a mark on the mat or accidentally hitting it and throwing it on the mouse.

This table has a system of cable management, so that everything is well organized. The structure is made of solid steel, so it will withstand any blow that can be given to it. In addition, the height is adjustable, being able to adjust it according to our needs.

These desks are quite interesting and once you have one, there is no going back. They are solutions optimized for gaming and are greatly appreciated. They offer good cable management, something that conventional desks do not usually offer.

Can be adjusted in height without RGB
Mat that covers the entire surface
Place to leave your headphones and drink
height adjustable
cable management

Trust GXT 705 Ryon, a really comfortable gaming chair

Without a doubt, it is the best complement to the desktop that we have previously commented on. This chair offers us a great ergonomics and comfort, something important for hours and hours of departure. A high quality and performance solution for those who want to spend hours and hours playing non-stop.

This gaming chair, how could it be otherwise, can be adjusted in height in a comfortable and simple way. Trust indicates that it is optimal for users who measure between 160 cm and 190 cm. We have a perfect solution for all types of users.

trust gxt 705 ryon

The chair offers a 360º turn, allowing us to move freely and easily. This chair is based on a class 4 gas piston that allows the height to be adjusted as desired. In addition, the backrest can be tilted to offer a personalized angle or if we want to be a little reclined while watching content.

It has covered armrests that offer great comfort. The chair has a star-shaped base with five wheels that allow us to move comfortably. Note that this chair has a weight limit of 150 kilos.

Supports up to 150 kilos Armrests are fixed
Height adjustable easily does not have head pad
It is quite comfortable
Padded armrests
can recline

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