Trust GXT 391 THIAN, review: comfortable and quality wireless headphones

With the controls on the earmuff itself, charging via USB-C and a conventional headband design, these headphones have been designed to be quite comfortable, as the manufacturer has incorporated a combination of synthetic leather and fabric in the earmuffs seeking to provide the best of the two worlds: feeling of quality and perspiration, so that we can have the headphones on for hours and hours without feeling tired or sweating, even in summer.

The greatest particularity of these Trust THIANs is the fact that their wireless connectivity does not use the usual 2.4 GHz RF band, but rather the 5.8 GHz band, which gives the signal greater clarity and is less prone to interference ( mind you, it does not give the headphones a greater range). The connection with the PC is made through a conventional USB 2.0 dongle, although we can also use the included 3.5 mm minijack cable that allows us to use these headphones with practically any audio source, including consoles.

Unboxing and external analysis

Trust have packed these GXT 391 THIAN in a soft cardboard box with the usual blue color on the outside. On the main face we find an image of the product accompanied by its main characteristics in the form of an icon, something that is enlarged on the back of the packaging. On one of the sides, we have a table with the technical specifications.

Inside the box, apart from the headphones themselves, we find as accessories the USB dongle, two cables (one minijack audio and one USB charging), a brief instruction manual and another pamphlet with information on regulations and warranty.

The USB dongle is neither too big nor too small, it has a medium size that makes it convenient to plug in and out of any device. It incorporates a small synchronization button in case the wireless connection gives problems.

Here we have the Trust GXT 391 THIAN, headphones that are already light in your hand.

The right side of the headphones is completely empty, except for the possibility of making the headband bigger or smaller simply by pulling it.

The left ear cup, on the other hand, has the buttons that will allow us to mute the microphone, turn the device on and off, and a volume wheel. Also from this earmuff comes the microphone with a flexible rod that we will see shortly, as well as the two connectors: one for charging via USB-C and another to connect the audio cable in case we want to use it.

As you have probably already noticed, the sides of the pads are covered in synthetic leather, but the interior area, which is the one that will touch our head and ears, is made of breathable fabric.

Trust GXT 391 THIAN

In the inner area of ​​the headband we also have a padded piece of a material that we cannot guess, but it is something synthetic. We cannot know, a priori, if this material will cause discomfort or sweating on the top of the head, but we can tell you that it is quite soft.

Trust GXT 391 THIAN

The microphone rod has a flexible metal cover, a somewhat unpleasant touch to tell the truth and that does not bend naturally, but as you can see it bends practically at angles. This does not make it uncomfortable at all, but we would have preferred that Trust had chosen a flexible material instead of a kind of metal “worm” for it. The microphone comes, as you can see, with a windscreen.

Having seen the product, we are going to proceed to test it and tell you how it works.

This is how the Trust GXT 391 THIAN works

Although the earmuffs have a fairly small size that initially made us think that the type of earmuff would be supra-aural (which is placed on top of the head), in reality we are dealing with circumaural headphones, which completely surround the ear, making this stay inside However, this will only happen to users with fairly small ears, and the rest of the mortals will find the earmuffs crushing their ears a bit. Fortunately, THIANs don’t put too much pressure on the ears.

Overall the Trust GXT 391 is quite comfortable from the start, and yes it is true that they are quite light once you have them on and it is quite easy to forget about them, so this is a plus point in terms of ergonomics .

However, we also have to tell you -following ergonomics- that after a couple of hours of continuous use they do end up producing fatigue, and as we feared, this fatigue occurs in the upper area of ​​the head due to the padding of the headband. , which is perhaps too fine. If Trust had made it a little wider to distribute the weight more, another rooster would crow. This is something that is solved by taking your headphones off for a few minutes and rubbing that area of ​​your head a bit, but it is also something that they could have taken into account from the beginning and avoided it.

Trust GXT 391 THIAN

As for the sound quality, we can say that it is quite correct. Trust has not tuned the equalization of these THIANs at all, which means that if we do not use any separate software, what we will have is a neutral sound in general, highlighting fairly decent middle sounds but with quite scarce treble and bass. This can be fixed using some equalization software, of course, but this is something that we will only have on PC and not if we use them, for example, with a console.

In our tests, the battery has not lasted the promised 13 hours either, but it has been very close: after approximately 11 hours and 40 minutes, the headphones began to beep to complain that they were running out of battery, and after 12 hours and 10 minutes of use, they turned off because the battery was completely depleted. We consider this to be correct considering the low weight (and therefore the low battery capacity) that they have.

Finally, it should be noted that this 5.8 GHz connection has been very stable at all times, even moving away from the audio source quite a distance and with walls in between, we have not lost the signal at any time nor have we suffered interference, even though we use other wireless devices such as a mouse or mobile phone nearby.

Conclusion and verdict

The Trust GXT 391 THIAN are the brand’s first wireless gaming headphones, and they represent an excellent approach to this world without cables by the manufacturer, delivering a fairly decent stereo sound with the great freedom that being able to use headphones without the need of wires.

Trust GXT 391 THIAN

With a quite comfortable design in general terms, we will be able to use them for a long time without problems of fatigue (except for the detail that we have mentioned before the padding of the headband) or without having to worry about recharging the battery, because as we have been telling you , in our case we have been able to use them for just over 12 hours without problems.

The 5.8 GHz radio frequency wireless connection has behaved impeccably at all times, as we have never experienced interference, distortion or cuts even when we are far away from the audio source.

For all these reasons, we believe that these Trust headphones that can be purchased for an official sale price of 69.90 Euros deserve our Gold award.


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