Trust GXT 498 Forta, licensed headphones for PS5 made with recycled plastic

Trust has announced its new headphones GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headsetwhich have an official license to work with playstation 5, the latest generation video game console from Sony. It is not the first peripheral with a similar profile that the company of Dutch origin markets, since in 2020 it launched the GXT 488 Forze for PlayStation 4.

The GXT 498 Forta headset for PlayStation 5 has been created with an eco-friendly design made up of 85% recycled plastics. This is not the first Trust device to be built with a good percentage of recycled plastics, since the company previously marketed the Trezo keyboard and mouse package and the cheap Muta controller under the same profile and with the aim of minimizing damage to the environment .

In order to satisfy the customer and maintain the line that has allowed the GXT 488 Forze to obtain good sales, the GXT 498 Forta headphones have been designed to fit the profile of the console to which it is directed, the PlayStation 5, in addition to add unique features to ensure the best gaming experience. The headphones are 50 mm and have 3D audio to offer a total immersion in the games.

The GXT 498 Forta have a detachable microphone with noise reduction technologyensuring clean and clear communication with teammates in online matches, while the padded headband and articulated ear cups with soft ear cushions offer the comfort needed for long gaming sessions.

Despite being aimed at PlayStation 5, the GXT 498 Forta are plug&play headphones capable of working on PlayStation 4 and PC thanks to the fact that they rest on the typical 3.5mm jack connector, so they should work on any sound card or chip that is fully functional and supported by the operating system. The dimensions are 83mm deep, 165mm wide and 205mm high, while the weight is about 253 grams.

The Trust GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headset is now available in stores and retailers with a suggested retail price of €49.99.

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