Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ review: The TLK mechanical keyboard that has it all

Trust has incorporated in this GXT 834 CALLAZ Outemu switches in their Red variant, which means that they have a linear operation and no tactile feedbackthe most common mode among gamers and highly appreciated for its good precision and keystroke speed: in this case, the key travel is 4 mm, with a 2 mm actuation point and 47 grams of operational force required for it.

One of the particularities of this keyboard is that the manufacturer has preferred not to complicate life with specific software, that is, you neither need nor will you find software for this keyboard. But don’t think that this is a disadvantage, since with the exception of recording macros you will find all the options that you would have on any other keyboard, such as multimedia actions or the configuration of its RGB lighting.

Finally, we must emphasize that Trust has created this keyboard to last, since apart from the 50 million keystrokes life expectancy of its switches, it has made use of very good quality materials and with a robust construction that, as we said, it is made to last. In addition, surely the most attractive point of this keyboard is its price, which, as we have mentioned before, is just €44.95.

Unboxing and external analysis

The Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ comes packed in a soft cardboard box, on the front of which we can see an image of the keyboard accompanied by the brand, the model, some of its outstanding features and a small window through which one of the keys can be seen. direction, so that we can press it and feel what sensations it transmits to us without removing the device from its box.

On the back, the manufacturer gives us a description of the keyboard in several languages ​​and highlights the RGB lighting that the peripheral has.

Trust CALLAZ packaging

As accessories, we find a small instruction manual, a pamphlet on the guarantee and a key removal tool.

Trust keyboard accessories

Inside the soft cardboard there is nothing other than a soft polystyrene cover to protect the keyboard, so be careful as it will be protected against scratches but not against knocks. In any case, here you have the keyboard already out of its box.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

As you can see, Trust has used a piece of solid gray smooth-touch plastic for the keyboard casing, while the caps are black PBT which contrasts quite well with the gray and actually looks pretty good. This is a TKL keyboard and therefore the LED status indicators that are usually above the number pad have been relocated, in this case on the right side, above the arrow keys.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

The typography of the keys is quite standard, well readable even with the keyboard illumination turned off. We must also say that the keys do not dance at all on their positions, something very appreciated because it makes the keyboard more robust and quiet when working with it.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

As a mechanical keyboard with Outemu Red switches, the Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ’s keys are raised quite a bit from the case; Let’s also remember that they have a 4 mm travel until they reach their stop, and since the casing does not bury the keys but the switches are anchored to it, that’s why they stand out so much.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

Here you can better appreciate how the keys stand out, which ultimately are quite high (and this is something that some users like but others do not).

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

In this view from above we can see that the keyboard does not have USB Passthrough, and in this area we only have the cable outlet which, by the way, is rubberized to prevent damage.

The cable is meshed with nylon thread to protect it from chafing, and terminates in a single standard USB 2.0 Type-A connector. Trust has also seen fit to incorporate an EMI filter to ensure that the signal is not interfered with.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

We go to the lower area, made of black plastic with a series of aesthetic grooves. The keyboard has four rubber inserts in the four corners, quite small indeed, but enough so that the keyboard does not move much during use.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

The keyboard has two riser feet which, fortunately, also have a small rubber insert to keep the keyboard from slipping off the table.

As with all mechanical keyboards, the keycaps can be removed simply by pulling them up; however, on this keyboard it is appreciated that Trust includes an extraction tool because it costs a lot, they are very, very well attached.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

Here you can take a closer look at one of the Outemu Red switches that this Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ incorporates.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

Having seen the keyboard, the time has come to connect it to a PC and see how it behaves and how its lighting works.

How does the Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ work?

Let’s start talking about lighting: initially we can see that Trust has set up six lighting zones in six horizontal lines: the function keys are white, the bottom line is red, then orange, green, blue and ends in purple . In high light conditions (in the following image there are two huge 2,200W spotlights pointing directly at the keyboard), the lighting does not stand out too much (although it is not necessary) but it is still perfectly visible.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

If we reduce the ambient light to something more normal (a simple ceiling lamp with three LED lights of 18W each), the lighting looks much better, as you can see below.

If you look closely, that gray plastic casing with a smooth texture makes the light from the switches spread to its sides, making it look like the keyboard has full lighting even between the keys. In the following image we zoom in a bit so you can see it better. (

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

We continue to see the lighting, now in low light conditions (no artificial light, just a window located about two meters from the keyboard, and no direct sunlight).

As you can see, the lighting has a more than correct intensity, and that is only powered by a single USB 2.0 connector that provides just 5V.

Given the lighting, the time has come to talk to you about how this keyboard behaves. This is a compact model and, if you are not used to TKL keyboards, you will need a small period of adaptation until you get used to placing your hands properly. However, after a couple of hours of use you will be well used to it and you will realize that in the end it is much more comfortable than a full-size keyboard, at least when playing games since it leaves you much more space to move freely the mouse.

Ergonomically, the keyboard is quite comfortable, but we have to say that not so much when you use it for long periods of time, since the keys are quite high and, since it lacks a wrist rest, you end up suffering fatigue in your wrists. It is missed that the manufacturer includes a wrist rest, since this alone would greatly improve the ergonomics and comfort when using this keyboard during long gaming sessions.

In terms of operation, the Outemu Red switches behave perfectly at all times; As we mentioned before, the caps do not dance at all and that gives the keyboard a very good robustness that allows us to make very precise and fast keystrokes without the slightest inconvenience. This keyboard has a “snag” in terms of performance, and that is that its response time is 8 ms instead of 1 ms as usual: this means that its polling frequency is 250 Hz instead of 1,000 Hz usual, although we also tell you that playing is not something that is noticed at all.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

Since this keyboard does not have or need software, we could end up missing some of the advanced functions that gaming keyboards have accustomed us to, but leaving aside the macros or the assignment of keys that is not possible in this Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ, nothing could be further from the truth. The keyboard includes an Fn key that, through combinations of keys, we will have access to any multimedia function that we may need.

In fact, the Scroll Lock key on this keyboard has its function changed, so that it will do its original function when pressed in combination with the Fn key, but when pressed individually it rotates between the different RGB lighting profiles with those that the keyboard counts, thus allowing us to easily select the mode that we like the most. The intensity of the illumination can also be set using the Fn keys + arrow keys.

Conclusion and verdict

With this GXT 834 CALLAZ, the well-known manufacturer Trust remains true to its philosophy of providing quality products at contained prices. This is a compact keyboard that has little or nothing to envy to any other model of the competition, which provides a plus of simplicity by not needing software at all (and therefore has almost universal compatibility), and at a price within everyone’s reach. the pockets.

With remarkable RGB lighting that we can configure through the keyboard itself, good build quality and excellent and durable Outemu Red switches, any gamer can now access a highly durable and resistant mechanical keyboard at a low price, a point that we consider the loudest of this keyboard.

Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ

For all these reasons, we consider that this Trust GXT 834 CALLAZ deserves our Gold award, as well as our recommendation for its excellent quality / price ratio.

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