Trust launches GXT 711X Dominus, a robust and spacious PC table

The specialist in accessories for PC Trust has just announced the launch of its third gaming table, the Trust GXT 711X Dominusa desk which is characterized by its robust design (it is built using a steel frame and a surface of MDF 18 mm thick) and its width, allowing a configuration with two monitors comfortably. We tell you below everything that this table will bring you.

When we told you a moment ago that the surface of the table is made of MDF, it will probably not tell you anything, so we will start by explaining this. When we talk about MDF it means «Medium Density Fiberboard» in English, and we refer to a wood board with medium density fibers, made from 85% wood fibers and compressed synthetic resins, providing great density and resistance, much greater than plywood.

Features of the Trust GXT 711X Dominus

Trust GXT 711X Dominus
Dimensions 750mm high
1200mm wide
720mm deep
Weight 19,350kg
Maximum weight supported 65kg
Useful surface 112x72cm
Materials Steel and MDF
Additional features cup holder
headphone stand
2 cable guides
MSRP €179.99

The Trust GXT 711X Dominus has a useful surface of 112 centimeters wide by 72 centimeters deep, which means that we can comfortably fit two 24-inch screens and have room to spare. In any case, since the MDF board with which its surface is built is quite resistant, it should be possible to install articulated arms for monitors on this table if you want without any problem.

Speaking of the surface, the board is covered in a textured PU treatment, making it quite pleasant to the touch and you don’t have to use a mouse pad if you don’t want to. At the same time, this coating dresses the entire surface in an elegant black color that looks good anywhere.

As you can see in the presentation video that we have inserted above these lines, the Trust GXT 711X Dominus also has some quite interesting extras, such as a support to easily hang the headphones, and even another support that will allow us to put a glass or a soda to prevent accidents from happening. It also incorporates two cable guides, so that we can channel these comfortably and leave them out of sight to have a sober and visually pleasing installation.

In the ergonomic aspect, it should be mentioned that the table supports up to 65 Kg of weight, so we could easily put two large monitors and even the PC case on the table. Its Z-shaped legs also maximize ergonomics, so that we can stretch our feet as much as we want or turn in the chair without fear of hitting ourselves. Of course, the table is 75 centimeters high and this is not adjustable.

Finally, it should be noted that the manufacturer seems to have put special emphasis on the ease of assembly of the table, simplifying the process so that even inexperienced users can easily assemble it in a few minutes.

Price and availability

The GXT 711X Dominus is now available for sale in the manufacturer’s online store with a price of €179.99, something that is in the same line as the rest of the gaming tables in its catalog, and even in line with the prices at which the competition sells similar products. Soon we will also be able to find it in other usual points of sale of the brand, such as Amazon, GAME or PcComponentes.

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