Trust updates its GXT 105X Izza, the cheapest gaming mouse

The well-known manufacturer of PC peripherals Trust has just announced today the update of one of its most iconic and best-selling gaming mice, the GXT 105 Izza that is now renamed GXT 105X Izza. Aesthetically, the mouse is exactly the same as the previous model, but they have updated their optical sensor to deliver better performance, staying within what we can conceive of as a cheap gaming mouse but with good performance. Let’s see it.

For a gamer, the mouse is practically an extension of his own body, but for the user to be able to have this sensation, it is necessary both that the ergonomics of the mouse allow its use with total comfort for hours and hours and that its performance complies with expectations, and these two premises are precisely what Trust seeks to meet with the renewed GXT 105X IZZA, while maintaining a really low price so that it is accessible to any user.

Trust GXT 105X IZZA, a basic but cheap mouse

This updated mouse from Trust is characterized by its optical sensor of up to 4,000 DPI, which is already a 60% improvement over the original model and, therefore, will be more suitable for many more users. The sensor allows sensitivity change “on the fly” without the need for software, allowing the user to always have the sensitivity they need at all times (selectable resolutions that are factory set are 800, 1800, 2400 and 4000 DPI), and This is another of the improvements compared to the previous version, as it allows greater precision when setting the sensitivity with which each user feels most comfortable.

To complete this premise of performance and comfort, the new GXT 105X Izza It has reduced its weight to 129 grams, and a rubber top cover has been integrated that guarantees better comfort and greater grip for the user, even after those tense gaming sessions that make our hands sweat. As you can see in the images, the mouse has an ambidextrous design valid for both right-handed and left-handed users, and according to the manufacturer it is recommended for users with a palm-type grip.

The Trust GXT 105X Izza still has six buttons, which in this case are not programmable since the device does not use software of any kind for its operation. You will also have seen from the images that it has aggressive full-color lighting, but the bad news is that it is not configurable and the mouse will be constantly changing color… something that some users may like and others may not, of course. After all, this is a cheap gaming mouse that is designed for users who want a good gaming tool but without spending too much money, so we can’t ask for much more.

Price and availability

The new Trust GXT 105X Izza is now available both on the manufacturer’s website and in the brand’s network of regular distributors, such as Amazon Spain, at a recommended retail price of €14.99.

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