Trust Week brings us discounts of up to 40% on these gaming peripherals

If you had in mind to renew your setup but you missed the last discounts of the Orange Days of PcComponentes, don’t worry. And it is that only during this week, Trust is offering special discounts on a selection of its gaming peripheralsoffering a unique opportunity to enter this world, or simply expand our configuration.

Thus, already available at this time and with a deadline for this Sunday, May 22, Trust Week will take place at PcComponentes, a promotion in which the brand will offer us a wide assortment of accessories, products that will range from basics such as mice, keyboards and headphones, going through more specific peripherals such as microphones or sound bars, and even reaching gaming chairs and tables, all of them with exclusive discounts of up to 40%.

Upgrading your gaming setup doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you get the GXT 845 Tural combo, which includes an RGB-illuminated keyboard and mousetwo devices that are also compatible with all types of PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The keyboard that makes up this combo stands out for being a highly customizable accessory, not only because of its lighting that will bring the desktop to life, but also because of its 12 keys to create shortcuts that allow all control to be in the user’s hands. The mouse, for its part, has 6 responsive buttons and an adjustable optical sensor of up to 3,200 DPI to have the best precision when playing.

A pack that if it already helped us save, during Trust Week it now offers us a 25% discount to lower its price to just 24.99 euros.

Although if what we are looking for is a high-performance mouse, we can also find andl Trust GXT 970 Morfix, a high precision peripheral thanks to its optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 10,000 DPI and an ergonomic left-handed design. Although without a doubt one of its most notable points is the presence of up to 14 programmable buttonswhich we can adjust completely independently to perform any type of press or button and even macros, with up to 168 actions with a single click.

In addition, how could it be otherwise in a gaming peripheral, this mouse has an added RBG lighting customizable by software, fitting perfectly into any setup.

All for one price discounted by up to 37%leaving it in a tremendously cheap 30 euros.

Trust Week brings us discounts of up to 40% on these 31 gaming peripherals

Regarding audio, we can find headphones like the Trust GXT 322 Carus and the Trust GXT 1323 Altus, two dynamic headsets specifically made for gaming on PC and consoles, and perfect allies for any of our favorite games thanks to their powerful bass. In addition, designed to allow us to endure during the longest sessions, we will have breathable mesh pads, as well as flexible microphones that will allow us to make ourselves heard at all times.

With discounts of 26% and 24% respectivelywe can get these headphones under prices from just 25.99 euros.

However, more and more users are choosing other more powerful sound systems like sound bars. And it is that with products like the Trust GXT 618 Astowe will be able to be aware of all the details of our games with the total freedom offered by not having to carry any peripheral on us.

And it is that this elegant bar of compact size is designed to fit perfectly under any PC monitor, while providing us with stereo sound of up to 12 watts and really easy access to volume control.

All for one price discounted by up to 30%allowing us to complete our setup from just 25.99 euros.

Trust GXT 618 Asto

Moving on to another of the most important accessories for a gamer, we find the chair Trust GXT 707 Rest. And it is that although many think that it is about pure aesthetics, maintaining a good position during gaming sessions (and in general during any time of using the PC) is essential to avoid annoying body aches after longer periods.

That’s why this ergonomic and adjustable chair is designed to play comfortably for hours. And it is that with a 360º rotating functionality, a reclining seat from 90º to 180º, about foam seats covered in fabric and imitation leatherand removable and adjustable cushions for the back and neck, this chair promises us the most optimal comfort.

A chair that during Trust Week will have a discount of 14%lowering its price to 179.99 euros.

Although a chair is useless if it is not accompanied by a good table like the recently presented Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus, a compact table that offers us more than enough space to easily place two monitors and all the usual set of peripherals of a gamer, keeping some space to leave other important elements such as controls, glasses and even the mobile phone.

Standing out from other conventional desks, this table features with two supports to hold the headphones and our drink comfortably and safelywithout taking up space on its main surface.

Besides, its ergonomic shape with curved front edge and its height-adjustable legs They allow us a comfortable gaming position at all times, also adding some extras for our breaks, with a support for headphones and a cup holder located on its side, helping us to keep the main surface always clear.

And what better way to finish crowning both Trust Week and our setup than with a discount of 27%with a reduced final price of just 115.99 euros.

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