Truth Be Told series renewed for a third season

The Serie Truth Be Told, starring Octavia Spencer, Oscar winner of the Hollywood Academy for the film Maids and lords (The Help) has been renewed for a third season. For the next season, the series features showrunner Maisha Closson, who will also be in charge of the script.

Truth Be Told, shows us Poppy Scoville (Octavia Spencer) who solve mysteries through his podcast. Each new season offers us a different mystery. The series won an NAACP Image Award and the two available seasons have been well received by critics and users.

Nichelle Tramble Spellman, creator of the series, states that:

I’m excited that Poppy Scoville’s journey continues to unfold on Apple TV +. And I’m delighted to welcome Maisha Closson as our new showrunner and executive producer. I can’t wait to show you everything we have in store for you.

The first season of Truth Be Told, shows us how the protagonist re-investigates a murder case that she had covered a few years before as new clues appear that suggest that the supposedly guilty person could be innocent. This first season features the Breaking Bad actor Aaron paul.

In the second season, the series incorporated Kate hudson, a former friend of Poppy, and with whom she is in contact to investigate the mysterious murder of her husband in strange circumstances.

At the moment, there is no information that points who will be the actor or actress that will be part of the third season, third season that at the moment we do not know when the production phase will begin. The first two seasons are now available in full on Apple TV +.

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