TRUTH Social: bad omens

There are still a few months until TRUTH Social sees the light, and the problems with the social network are beginning to add up that Donald Trump wants to launch, is one more movement against that war that he has maintained with social networks for a long time. And, as I have already commented on more than one occasion, the former US president with Twitter and company is a love-hate relationship that has nothing to envy the most twisted scripts in Hollywood.

As we told you last week, those responsible for developing TRUTH Social would have used Mastodon, a free software development, but without respecting the license conditions that govern its use. Something that has led its creators to give a 30-day ultimatum to those responsible for the new social network. It remains to be seen how these respond, and the agency of the creators of Mastodon if they decided to turn a deaf ear.

But this is not the only problem. Also, during the few years that TRUTH Social remained accessible to keep unintentional (private access address was leaked), bromists and cyberactivists accessed the site, created fake profiles In which they set people who are expected to use it (including Trump himself) and published all kinds of content, to see if it really is a network in which freedom of expression will prevail. Quite a stress test for the platform and its managers.

But this could be the least of it. And it is that as we can read in Daily Beast, several cybersecurity experts point out that TRUTH Social is going to have security problems, and that these can complicate things quite a bit for the social network. At this point, however, it is important to clarify that the launch is not planned until next year, so changes may occur in this regard. But, given the precedents and apparently so far, these experts are not too optimistic.

TRUTH Social: bad omens

They point out, to begin with, the problems that we have already told you about, and they add them to the history of security problems of other platforms that have arisen around Trump and the alt-right American and global. And it seems, in light of the precedents, that developments that come out of this circle tend to give less importance than they should to security and privacy issues, which has given rise to several problems in this regard. And they assume that TRUTH Social will limp on the same foot.

The two most recent examples are found in Parler and Gettr. In the case of the first, all the data, message history, locations, etc. of its users were obtained by hackers, showing that their managers had not only not properly guarded them, but also had kept copies of supposedly deleted data and messages, including their users’ locations.

As for Gettr, created by a former Trump adviser, less than 48 hours passed between its launch and some of its “star” accounts were hacked, to which we must add that, due to API security problems, it was possible to do massive scraping of data. With these precedents, and the little that has been seen so far from TRUTH Social, we cannot be too optimistic about it and, rather, it is worth recommending all the caution in the world to users who decide to sign up for the service.

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