Try new Office features before anyone else with these tweaks

Although it is somewhat less spectacular than other modes of work, the software sector focused on office automation it is extremely important. In addition, all this is extensible both for the end user and for companies, hence the importance of suites such as Office or LibreOffice.

The solution of this type presented by the software giant Microsoft is a clear example of all this. Here we meet programs the importance of Word, Excel or PowerPoint found on most computers around the world. They offer us enough built-in functionalities to cover the needs of the majority. In addition, these software elements have been around for many years, so their developers have enough experience to meet our expectations.

At the same time as the years go by and based on updates, the programs that are part of Office adapt to the times. But despite all this, there are still users who want to go one step further. It must be taken into consideration that a firm of the importance of Microsoft doesn’t stop working on your projects, including the Office productivity suite. This means that new product-enhancing features and functions will likely never stop being released.

That is why, as it happens, for example, in Windows, we have the possibility to test the latest developments of the company before anyone else. This means that we can take a look at the features to be integrated later in the final version of Office for everyone.

Test what’s new in Office before it launches

Probably for many, being able to carry this out is more than attractive, more than anything to know what Microsoft is working on and what is to come. But first of all, the first thing we must take into consideration is that we are talking about functions that are in the testing period. This means that we can find some stability problems in the application or in the operation of these specific features. With everything and with it if we want to move forward, to test Office features before anyone else we don’t have to do anything special.

It is enough that we activate a certain setting to benefit from all this. At the same time, it must be taken into account that available features They will vary over time. However, once we activate the functionality, each time a new feature is released, we will have the ability to test it before anyone else. For all this that we tell you, we only have to open some of the programs that are part of the suite in a conventional way.

Once we have the main interface of the program in question on the screen, for example, Word, we take a look at its upper right corner. Here, to the right of our Office username, we find an icon that has a shape similar to a megaphone, where we click. At that moment, a new panel will appear that shows the most functions in which the firm is working.

As we said before, these can vary over time. In this way at the bottom of this panel we find a selector that by default is deactivated and that we activate so you can test these features as they come out before anyone else.

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