Try out the new chemistry in FIFA FUT 23 with this squad builder

We have already seen how the FIFA 23 FUT modality has introduced great changes in the game, one of the main ones being the new chemistry system that will relate players to get the best performance from them. If it is still not clear to you how it works or what variables you should take into account, don’t worry, here is the solution for you to practice.

How does FIFA 23 chemistry work?

The change is quite abrupt, and probably many users have headaches organizing their future templates. For starters, the position-based link no longer exists, so the player will not increase their chemistry if they are placed in the exact position near another player that they share values ​​with within the lineup. Now the players will receive chemistry for sharing nation, league or cluband you can get up to a total of 3 points, being able to have them scattered around the lineup without them being close.

To get a point for these values, you will need a minimum number of players from the same nation, league or club for you to get the chemistry level. Team Chemistry will no longer exist, and you won’t have to play 10 matches for players to earn the Green Loyalty Shield.

Previously the chemistry revolved around the team, hence the positions were important. Now, everything is more focused on the player, so we will have to focus on teams, nations and leagues to get as many links as possible.

How to get chemistry points

Chemistry Points will be earned in different ways depending on whether the common value is Club, Nation or League. Points are distributed as follows:


  • 3 players from the same league unlock 1 point.
  • 6 players from the same league unlock 2 points.
  • 10 players from the same league unlock 3 points.


  • 3 players from the same country unlock 1 point.
  • 6 players from the same country unlock 2 points.
  • 10 players from the same country unlock 3 points.


  • 2 players on the same team unlock 1 point.
  • 5 players on the same team unlock 2 points.
  • 9 players on the same team unlock 3 points.

These distributions will be those that apply when the game hits stores, however, EA is open to receiving feedback from players, and will change, if requested by the public, these requirements when it comes to achieving team chemistry.

The interesting point will be the special cards of Heroes and Icons, since these cards will always have the maximum chemistry (3 points) if they are placed in the correct position.

Create your test template

You may already be understanding the concepts, but there is nothing like practicing to fully internalize them. For this, in have prepared a new squad builder that makes use of the new chemistry system so you can start managing your squad for the new season. Unfortunately, the player statistics shown are those of FIFA 22, since for now the basic player ratings for this season remain unknown.

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