Try these Amazon services for free for Black Friday

It’s finally Black Friday, the day most anticipated by millions of people for advance Christmas shopping. Although it is true that we have been publishing offers related to this day for several weeks, Amazon has taken advantage of this day so that users can try some of the services for free that it makes available to users in exchange for a monthly fee.

If you want to try Audible, Amazon Music, Kindle Unlimited, or Prime Video and you have not yet taken advantage of a previous promotional offer, today is the best day to do so. It is also an excellent opportunity to buy some of the different Echo speakers that the company puts at our disposal.

3 free months of Audible

Amazon Audible

Audible is the platform for Amazon audiobooks, a platform that we can test for free for 90 days completely free of charge. When that period ends, we can unsubscribe and pay the 9.90 euros that it costs monthly.

Try 3 months of Audible for free.

3 months free of Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon’s streaming music platform, Amazon Music is also available for free for 90 days as long as you haven’t taken advantage of the Similar offers that Amazon makes on a regular basis.

Amazon Music, puts at our disposal a catalog of more than 90 million songs, many of them in High Fidelity. After the 3 free months, we can unsubscribe or continue paying the 9.99 euros that it costs monthly.

Try Amazon Music for 3 months for free.

30 Days Free Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon also offers us an e-book rental platform called Kindle Unlimited, a platform that makes more than 1 million books available to us in exchange for a monthly fee of 9.99 euros.

However, to celebrate Black Friday, we can try it for free for 30 days. Prime users have access to a shortened version of Kindle Unlimited, where you will not find the latest news.

Once the 30-day trial has elapsed, you can unsubscribe or pay the price of this service is 9.99 euros per month.

Try Kindle Unlimited 30 days for free.

30 days of Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming video platform, Prime Video, has a free trial period of 30 days, a platform that has gradually expanded the catalog of original series and films. In addition, it also allows us to access a kind of video store where we can rent the most recent releases.

If we want to continue using this platform after the 30 free days, we must become Prime users. Prime users enjoy a number of additional benefits such as:

  • Free shipping in 1 day on more than 2 million products and shipping in 2-3 days on millions of products
  • Reproduction no ads on Twitch channels where you use the free monthly subscription you have
  • Storage for photos unlimited on Amazon Drive (does not include unlimited video storage)
  • Access to Prime Music Unlimited, with more than 2 million songs and without ads.
  • Priority access to flash deals 30 minutes before they start
  • Access to Prime Kindle Unlimited, with access to more than 1 million books

You also have the option of hiring a full year for 36.99 euros or hire it monthly for 3.99 euros. The Prime Video application is available for Apple TV, iOS and even for a few weeks also for macOS.

Try 30 days of Prime Video for free.

Being Black Friday, and Amazon being one of the platforms where we can find more offers, as expected, Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, has reduced its price.

These devices are ideal for enjoy Audible books in addition to any other music platform in estreaming.

Echo Dot 3rd generation for 18.99 euros

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot, with a regular price of 49.99 euros, is available during Black Friday for only 18.99 euros.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation for 18.99 euros.

Echo Dot 4th generation for 29.99 euros

The 4th generation of Echo Dot from Amazon, with some better and new design compared to the 3rd generation, also lowers its price during Black Friday from 59.99 euros to 29.99 euros.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation for 29.99 euros.

Echo Dot 4th generation + Phillips Hue 34.99 euros

We can buy the pack that includes the 4th generation Echo Dot and a Philips Hue bulb compatible with Alexa and start to domotize your home for only 5 euros more, 34.99 euros.

Buy Echo Dot 4th generation + Philips Hue for 34.99 euros.

Echo Show 5 2nd generation for 44.99 euros

The Echo Show is Amazon’s range of screen speakers. The Echo Show model offers us a 5 inch screen where we can enjoy our favorite series and movies not only from Prime Video, but also from Netflix, being an ideal device to have in the kitchen while we make lunch or dinner.

We can also use it like the rest of Echo speakers to listen to our favorite streaming music platform, be it Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music …

In addition, we can surf the internet to see recipes, make video calls with the 2 MP front camera that it incorporates, see the latest news, the weather forecast, our agenda for the next day.

The first generation of the Echo Show that Amazon launched a couple of years ago, does not allow the installation of third-party applications such as Netflix.

Buy Echo Show 5 inches and 2nd generation for 44.99 euros.

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