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Whether it is a company or a normal user, the protection of your data and files is essential. For this reason, it is essential to have some type of backup software and to ensure that we never lose them, since otherwise we run the risk of losing all our information due to a simple hard drive failure. If we do not have one, it will be impossible to retrieve our documents.

Currently there are a large number of platforms and solutions to store our data in the cloud and create a backup of it. Examples of these are the most famous, Google Drive and Dropbox, which are freely available to all users. However, you should never trust yourself and it doesn’t hurt to carry out some other backup. For this there is Uranium Backup, one of the data protection software more powerful Internet that comes with new versions with improvements in VM.

This is positioned as one of the most versatile security programs on the web. With it we can make backup copies in the cloud of files, folders, databases, virtual machines in multiple types of storage such as hard drives, NAS, FTP servers … It is also possible to compress files through Zip64 compression, with which We will save an immense amount of storage. In addition, our data will be kept secure and private thanks to AES 256-bit encryption.

Uranium Backup has a completely intuitive interface, which has the purpose that users do not get lost through the program and correctly configure our backup. Uranium Backup has a free version with which we can make the backup, plan our data … However, the potential of this software stands out in its paid versions that do not depend on any type of subscription. Once you pay it will be yours indefinitely. Next, we leave you a little information about the paid versions, if you want to know more you can access through this link.

The versions of Uranium Backup without taking into account the free one are:

  • Base: It is the cheapest version and can be obtained for 80 euros. Includes a complete backup of your PC, FTP support, cloud backup.
  • Pro Tape: This version and the next two are very similar to each other. Hence, its price is exactly the same, 150 euros. With them you will get access to a large part of the program’s functions. In this payment plan you have access to a huge number of tools, but unlike the next one you have a backup on tape.
  • Pro DB: With a price of 150 euros, among the advantages it offers is the possibility of making backup copies of Microsoft databases so that your work environment is protected.
  • Pro Shadow: This is the last of the 150 euro plans. As in the previous cases, you have a large number of tools, however, it does not have Backup on tape, but it does have access to VSS Snapshots.
  • Pro Virtual: With this version of 229 euros your VM Hyper-V and VMware vSphere will be totally safe against any unforeseen event that may arise.
  • Gold: If you decide to opt for this plan, you will have at your disposal all the available functions of Uranium Backup at a cost of 290 euros.

In a highly digitized world, it is impossible not to think about keeping your data safe and secure at all times. Any failure in the network could cause you to lose absolutely everythingSo don’t think twice and back up your files to keep them safe forever.

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