TSMC will hire 6,000 employees and increase its workforce by 10%

TSMC It also stands out from the wave of layoffs that some of the main technology companies are experiencing. The company has announced that it has intention to hire some 6,000 people in 2023, which would imply a 10% increase in your workforce. The company is not only looking for highly experienced personnel. I would be looking for employees looking for their first job, to electrical engineers and PhDs, to software developers and graduates with varying levels of experience and specialties.

The salary they offer, somewhat less than the usual for these levels in various countries in Europe and North America, would be about $65,500 per year. Of course, the positions will all be face-to-face in Taiwan. The hiring will take place in an environment in which demand for semiconductors has fallen significantly, and some manufacturers, such as Intel, have taken a pretty hard hit as a result.

However, TSMC has come out of the situation fairly well, as evidenced by its results. In the last quarter of the year, the company obtained revenues of 19,930 million dollars, 26.7% more than during the same period of the previous year. So it seems that things are going smoothly for what is currently the world’s leading chip manufacturer.

Of course, last January, TSMC announced that it expected income for the current quarter of between 16,700 and 17,500 million, which will make it the first quarter in which its income has fallen in four years. Despite this, it continues to grow with a view to the future, since it takes several years for these types of companies to start up new facilities and increase their production capacity. That is why it is planning installations that will come online in three or four years.

TSMC has many projects in the pipeline, which will lead to 2023 capital investments of between $32 billion and $36 billion. The majority will be for plant surveys in the United States.

According to The Register, These signings would have as objective «Support the company’s business growth and technology development«. They will be incorporated into the company’s facilities in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaoshioung. TSMC is specifically seeking personnel with experience and/or training in “electronics, electrical engineering, optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, finance, accounting, human resources and other related fields«. Also looking for production line operators. You need as many staff with a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, and they don’t care if they are from other countries or have no experience.

Atlassian to lay off 500 employees

Still, not a week goes by without some tech laying off employees. On this occasion it has been Atlassianwhich has confirmed that will dispense with 500 workers, according to The Register. This step represents a reduction of 5%, and according to the founders of the company, it will be carried out to balance the knowledge of the staff and prioritize certain projects.

The announcement was made by Atlassian founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquharsonin a first statement in which they communicated the decision, and in which they indicated that in the following 15 minutes the entire workforce would receive an email detailing whether or not they were affected by the layoffs.

Strangely, both confirmed that the dismissals are not due to economic reasons, and that they are not to reduce costs. They do this by recognizing that it is because they need to prioritize the work that is most critical to customers, both current and future. In addition, they will reinvest in toles that best support their priorities. The departments that will suffer the most cuts are talent acquisition, program management, and research and data.

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