Turn your LEGO NES into a cool Game Boy transformer

Reinventing a LEGO

The imagination of the Moko Brick Laboratory channel has no limits. In one of his latest videos he has presented a rather original project, since using the pieces of the fantastic LEGO set # 71374 called the Nintendo Entertainment System, he has managed to give life to a very peculiar Game Boy made of blocks. And it is that in addition to maintaining a fantastic aesthetic close to the original Nintendo console, this construction is capable of transforming into a whole robot.

Lego NES

As if it were Optimus Prime himself, this little Game Boy unfolds his pieces to become a Mech Spectacular, all with moving parts and exact mechanisms original from the Nintendo NES set and toy TV. This is where his greatest achievement lies, since he has not needed additional parts that were not included in the set (it is true that it includes 2646 pieces, which are not few).

Can I build this Game Boy?

LEGO Game Boy Robot

Its creator has left all the necessary steps in the video, although if it is already difficult to assemble the original construction of the NES, we do not want to imagine how long it could take to manufacture this peculiar homemade design.

The resulting Game Boy has details such as the cartridge connected to the back or the screen in greenish tones like the original console, although the most impressive thing appears when we unveil the Mech, since the head, feet and even hands remain perfectly hidden until that we open it completely.

A not so original design

LEGO Game Boy Robot

The result of this construction is incredible, however, it is not as original as we think. As they point out in Nintendo Life, several years ago the designer Baron von Brunk created a Mech very similar to the one we show today, with a lot more detail when it comes to the robot and a Game Boy design not so square but more faithful to the original look.

Domaster LEGO

Most likely, Moko was inspired by this design, but in one way or another we cannot deny that both works fascinate us. And to think that to assemble the LEGO Land Rover we had to go through the manual a thousand times …

Next we leave you with Baron von Brunk’s website so you can take a look at all his homemade creations with LEGO.

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