Turn your Raspberry Pi into a PSOne with this LCD case

The fashion for retro consoles was started by Nintendo with its NES Mini, which was enormously successful, however the best way to emulate the systems of yesteryear is not with these commercial products that feed on the nostalgia of our childhood, but to use systems such as Mister FPGA or Raspberry Pi that allow to perfectly emulate several classic systems without problems.

However, many people like to put the bare circuitry of their Raspberry Pi inside a case that gives it the aesthetics of a retro console. This is the case of the PiStation, which is a case for the fourth generation of the SBC that mimics the design of the original PlayStation that was launched on the market during the 90s.

This is PiStation, the case for Pi in the shape of PSX

The original PlayStation was launched with two industrial designs, the first and most classic was known as PSX, years later SONY launched the PSOne with a much smaller size and with a capacity that the original model did not have and that this PiStation has adopted, while his guises are those of the PSX.

The power and reset buttons that can be seen in the images are fully functional and you can add a safe shutdown system to them through a script. On the other hand, the reader opening is fully functional, unlike the disappointing PlayStation Classic, and inside it is a slot to connect a micro SD and you can even fit a small fan to keep your Raspberry Pi cool.

The PiStation has two USB 2.0 ports on the front of the case and comes standard with the extension cable to connect these ports to the case, in addition to adding a LAN port and a USB 3.0 port. So if you have a Raspberry Pi under your TV to play classic PlayStation games, as well as other systems, this case is ideal, since it is designed for it. Its price and availability? Well, at the moment it is available in the Chinese market for 159 yuan, which is 22 euros in exchange.

With LCD screen like PSOne

One of the best things about the original PSOne was the ability to connect an LCD screen to it, which allowed you to play games without the need for a television, it is true that it was not only expensive, but also required a good stay. Illuminated, a problem with all such displays in the late 90s.

Well, to the PiStation we can connect a LCD screen from 4.3 inch from 800 x 480 pixels resolution with built-in stereo speakers and brightness controls, which also doubles as a full HDMI interface. Its price, however, is much higher than the PiStation itself, rising to 599 yuan, approximately 84 euros. So as you can see cheap it is not.

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