Turn your Switch into a Steam Deck with Nitro Deck

A new accessory to the world of Nintendo Switch It has arrived to attract attention, and at first it seems that it is going to achieve it. Is about Nitro Decka hybrid between a case and a gamepad that aims to solve drift problems and improve the ergonomics of the console as a whole.

Nitro Deck to turn the Switch into Pro

Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

the eternal promise of a Switch Pro still not coming, but at least there are manufacturers who want to help achieve it through accessories that offer a superior experience. That is the premise of Nitro Deck, which with a very interesting design that mixes a dock with a game pad manages to solve several of the Nintendo console portable mode problems.

The accessory has the necessary hole so that a Switch without Joy-cons can be inserted perfectly. Thus, with the help of the included USB connector, the analog sticks and buttons that it mounts work perfectly with the console. The most interesting thing is that it is compatible with traditional Switch and OLEDSo it doesn’t matter what model you have.

sticks without drifting

Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

The number one nightmare of Switch users is the appearance of drift on their Nintendo Switch. The serious sensitivity problems of the original Joy-Cons joysticks are well known, so CRKD has decided to include some high quality models with ZERO drift. And it is that the technology behind these joysticks is hall effectso typical drift miscalibrations are avoided.

In addition, these joysticks allow you to change the stick for models with different grips and sizes, leaving the possibility of choosing finishes according to the player’s preferences.

Stylish Steam Deck Design

Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

Comparisons are hateful, but it is true that the style of this Nitro Deck quite reminiscent of a Steam Deck without Touchpads. And it even includes customizable buttons in the lower area with a design identical to that of the Valve console.

Price and release date

Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

This Nitro Deck is currently in the manufacturing phase, so they only accept reservations at the moment. The first units are expected to ship from September of this year, and pricing starts in the $59.99 for black, white, and gray colors, and $89.99 for special case-included versions (including a GameCube-inspired colorway).

Fountain: Nitro Deck

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