Tweets of up to a thousand characters? Elon Musk has it on the table

There are still news to tell about Twitter and positively or, at least, in the affirmative, and it is that although it is not clear if touching in such a notable way a characteristic element of the platform such as the character limit, the proposal is on the table, as confirmed by Elon Mousk, the indisputable engine of change in the social network since its purchase.

If a couple of weeks ago we echoed two novelties that would already be working on, such as end-to-end encryption in direct messages and the “facilitate long messages«Today the shots go for the latter, but in an unforeseen way. Because what does it consist of facilitating long messages? Its not that easy.

As everyone knows, Twitter became popular with, among other nicknames, the 140-character social network, a hallmark of short, almost telegraphic messages, which over time doubled, to 280 current characters. However, this limit is still insufficient to transmit certain types of messages. The question is how much more can be expanded without the platform losing its essence.

With this last point in mind, facilitating long messages, as proposed, makes sense, since the idea revolves around “having the Twitter composer automatically expand to a thread when the character count approaches to the limit of 280”. In other words, the limit -and therefore, the essence- is maintained, but the operation is simplified for those who wish to transmit longer messages.

However, there could be a change on the table that is much more daring than expected and, therefore, more delicate due to what it entails in its substance and form: the increase up to a thousand characters per messageas confirmed by Elon Musk at the proposal of a user on Twitter.

The proposal, yes, is a little more complex than simply letting people write up to the new limit and Twitter becomes the network of billets…, but only a little more: it would consist of allow 1000 characters, but show only 280 by default and add a button to expand the rest of the text. But we say could and would, all conditional, because even though Elon Musk says not only that they are considering it, but that the change is already on his to-do list for Twitter, it would be the most profound of all that the new address has printed. in the short time they have been at the helm of the company. A change so deep that it would go against the idiosyncrasy of Twitter, despite the fact that it is a historical demand by many users. That is why it is worth taking it with tweezers, because it does not seem as easy to apply as it is to say. But we will have to see, the social network is not going through its best moments and something like this could be a shock in the future.

Now I ask you, what do you think? The previous paragraph, I mean. Do you see it very long? It has 999 characters. The previous one, 281.

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