Twitch streamers use it and you can too by taking advantage of this bargain

If you regularly follow the occasional Twitch channel, you will surely have noticed that the transitions between the full screen game and the streamers’ webcam are fast and include some type of animation so that the change is not abrupt, changes that are made Without us realizing. The applications to transmit through Twitch and YouTube allow us to create different scenes, scenes that we can show or hide depending on what information we want to transmit. In addition, it also allows us to play sounds or display images at specific times.

To carry out all these tasks, we must open the application and switch between scenes, executing the animations or sounds that we want to show, a process that can make us lose concentration from our chat or even in the game that we are transmitting. The solution to this problem is to automate these tasks through a device like the Elgato Stream Deck.

Stream Deck with a 19% discount

The veteran manufacturer of accessories for streamers, puts at our disposal different models of Stream Deck, a device that, depending on the version, includes different buttons that incorporate a LCD screen and where we can configure certain actions and associate the image that we want to make it easier to identify them at all times.

The base model, called Mini, includes 6 keys that we can customize to perform any action we need at any time, is compatible with both Windows and macOS and works with all applications to stream on Twitch and YouTube, as well as other platforms. This model has a regular price of 79.99 euros, but currently has a 19% discount, staying at just €64.992 euros more expensive than the historical minimum price that marked this product a few months ago.

Other more complete options

If the 6-key model falls short for us, although it is ideal for streamers who are starting their journey in streaming, this same manufacturer also offers us a model of 15 keys for 129.99 eurosa white model that currently has a 13% discount.

The black model is also available with a 15% discount, staying at just 139 euros, down from 163 usual euros.

The 6 and 15 button models are not the only ones available for this device, since Elgato also offers us a model with up to 32 keys, a model aimed at professionals in the world of streaming. This model has a regular price of 249.99 euros, but, after applying the 20% discount it has, it stays at just 199.99 euros.

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