Twitch urged to take action against hate raids after streamer strike

A week after a protest movement, Twitch communicates with its videographers. He announces a video session on moderation and reiterates his commitment to providing new tools, in addition to the already existing ones.

The streamers’ strike did not cause viewers to collapse on September 1, the day of the mobilization dubbed #ADayOffTwitch – although a drop in the number of videographers and audiences could be seen throughout the initiative. It nevertheless had the merit of forcing Twitch to react to the issue of hate raids, the use of bots and online harassment.

A week after the #ADayOffTwitch operation, the platform has just sent an email to videographers to show them its support and assure them that it is aware of the problems that certain people using the service are having – and who are targeted in particular because of their sex, sexual orientation, gender or skin color. But beyond this displayed empathy, the site gives concrete.

Twitch’s action is currently developing at three levels: there are the existing tools that are available to moderation (the site has also provided for some time a page entitled “Fighting targeted attacks”, with actions prevention and to launch during an incident), others which are to come, and on which the company does not extend at the moment, and a future video session.

This meeting is to take place on December 15, 2021, with the theme of an update on the tools and tactics available to counter targeted attacks and, above all, a presentation of the procedure to follow if they do occur. Twitch invites videographers to visit the Creators Portal on D-Day to take advantage of this training. In case of absence, it will be offered for replay.

New tools in preparation

Twitch, who had already spoken in August on the subject of hate raids, also mentioned new tools under development, in addition to those already in place and that the service ensures to update regularly. Already in August, the platform mentioned these future devices, without going into detail, because it explained that saying too much could weaken their effectiveness.

The email addressed to the videographers does not say anything else: “ individuals who target marginalized creators are highly motivated. The more information we give about what we are doing to stop them, the easier it is for them to circumvent our plans. “. No date has been communicated. The company will deploy these tools ” as soon as possible “, Specifying that they are in gestation” for months “.

The company warns, however, that some solutions in development will not address targeted attacks, harassment cases and expressions of hate in the chat. The site indicates, however, that in addition to the technical aspect, which is set to evolve, there will also be a strengthening of the assistance for the benefit of videographers. Beyond Twitch, the possibility of filing a complaint remains.

Part of the Twitch community denounces increasingly aggressive behavior against them. // Source: Twitch

Born in the United States, the #ADayOffTwitch movement has spread to France with several personalities having decided to join it. Claims have been made, such as the blocking of inbound raids (a function diverted from its primary purpose), finer control over the age of Internet users wishing to write in the chat, double authentication or the limitation of the number of accounts by mail checked.

Twitch’s communication clearly does not echo the proposals put on the table so far by the striking streamers – at least, if so, Twitch did not openly discuss them in the email. Round tables with videographers victims of these situations have also been called for, but they remain to be organized – if a follow-up is given.

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