Twitch wants to ban certain browsers for its users

Twitch posted a very unclear message on Twitter. The latter was so poorly worded that it cast doubt among viewers of the video game streaming platform.

Twitch announced on Twitter that the video game streaming platform would only be accessible on Firefox, Edge and Chrome. Without further details, Twitch promised to publish a help article shortly. The news is in any case very bad for Twitch lovers who use alternative browsers.

Twitch’s post is troubling, and it’s cause for concern taken out of context. However, the problem is less serious than it seems. Members of Twitch had reported problems when logging in. The site then advised them to use an updated version of one of the major browsers. To stop the flow of feedback about connection problems, the company tweeted this famous message which, it must be said, was not clear enough.

Twitch temporarily asks its viewers to use Chrome, Firefox or Edge

Twitch’s advice does not apply only if you find an error at the time of connection. That doesn’t mean you can’t use Twitch on Brave or Opera GX to check out the site. Everything is working fine on these browsers right now. Many community members also confirm that the service still works in most browsers. If a problem suddenly appears, however, it’s time to try one of the recommended browsers.

According to Tom Verrilli, product manager at Twitch, this restriction to Chrome, Edge and Firefox would only be temporary. Twitch is said to have set itself the goal of driving out the bots that infest the platform. The live video streaming service reportedly determined that most fake user accounts are created from alternative browsers. These bots are used to conduct harassment campaigns. Restricting access to the service to browsers from Mozilla, Microsoft and Google, whose Chrome browser is not free of security vulnerabilities, would thus make it possible to better determine the extent of the phenomenon and the access points of the botnets. Me Verrilli adds: “Unfortunately we have to take this type of measure to make Twitch safer. People have to use a browser they didn’t choose today to avoid harassment campaigns tomorrow”.

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