Twitter adds a function to create gifs from the camera in iOS

GIFs have become, in recent years, a key element of Twitter. It is practically impossible to find a minimally popular tweet or thread, in which we do not find a good collection of memes and gifs in response to it. Thus, although it is obviously not the only one that supports this file format, we can be clear that the little bird’s social network has played a key role in its popularization.

A) Yes, it makes a lot of sense that those responsible for Twitter have pushed its use over the years. The main example of this is, of course, the gif search engine included in its own interface both in the apps for iOS and Android and in its web version, an element that, over time, we have seen how it was replicated in many other services .

The creation of animations in gif format, however, is another matter. Although over time applications have appeared that greatly simplify it, obviously the process of creating them is considerably more laborious than that of using them. And this is the main reason why, of the gifs that we usually see on Twitter, only an absolutely tiny fraction are animations created by the users themselves, compared to a gigantic number of images for general use, which we can find in the usual repositories. .

And it seems that Twitter wants to change this, so very discreetly, without notices in their iOS app or anything like that, but they have deployed a new feature that allows you to create gifs with iPhone cameras, to share them directly from the app. There’s no word on when this new feature will come to Android, but since it looks like its rollout on iOS has been global, we can hope it won’t take too long to arrive.

If you’re using Twitter on iPhone with the latest version of the app, you can access this function easily. You just have to start the creation of a new tweet and, in the part that is located under the box to write the message, click on the camera icon.

At that moment, the camera capture function will open, which has been present in it for some time, but now you will see that a new mode has been added to the Video, Capture and Live modes, which will also appear selected by default, named GIF. Thus, when you press the capture button, a one second long sequence will be recorded, which you can review. In addition, at the top of it, you can select if you want it to play only once, or to do it in loop mode, moving forward and backward to give a sense of continuity.

When you are satisfied with the result, you will only have to click on the Use GIF button and the gif you have created will be automatically added to the tweet you are creating.

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