Twitter Blue for Business, an identifier for companies

The well-known social network has launched Twitter Blue for Business, an identifier for companies and its workers that works under a subscription model, and that allows them to enjoy a level of “validation and distinction” on Twitter. This is part of the effort by Elon Musk to make said social network be profitable and depend less on advertisers.

If a company subscribes to Twitter Blue for Business it will be able to link an unlimited number of people, companies and brands in your account. This is important, because it implies that we will not have to pay a greater number of subscriptions if we have many brands or a considerable number of workers in our company. Accounts that are linked will receive a small insignia of the company to which they belong right next to your profile picture, and the check mark.

We know that Twitter Blue for Business has had a limited release so far and is in the testing phase, which means that it is only available to a small group of companies, which are the ones that are doing this testing work. In the attached image we can see how this modality behaves, and what the verification logos look like that appear in user profiles.

In addition to the verification logo it is possible create a small custom logo own of each company, which helps to give a touch of distinction within the social network. According to Twitter:

“By creating this connection, we make it possible for companies Create networks within your own organizations on Twitter. Companies can affiliate their leaders, brands, support identifiers, employees or teams. Journalists, sports team players or movie characters can be affiliated. Whatever we have it. Each affiliate will be officially verified and linked to their primary identifier based on a list provided by the parent company. We will share any new criteria, pricing, or processes as we update them.”

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We do not know the price that this identification system will have, but Twitter has warned that it is possible that they offer different functions depending on the platform used, and that its characteristics could change over time.

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