Twitter Blue is now available globally and the days of the old verification system are numbered

Despite the controversies and the drop in advertising revenue, Twitter She is determined to continue with the plans she announced months ago, even if along the way she has to clarify or rectify some things that could have gotten out of hand. One of the star measures of the company since Elon Musk is in charge is the replacement of the old verification mechanism with Twitter Bluesomething that, apparently, could end up materializing shortly.

To begin with, we have the availability of Twitter Blue worldwide, with prices adapted to each geographical area. The subscription service, which works in Spain with prices of 11 euros per month for Android and iOS and 8 euros in its web format, not only allows you to obtain the well-known blue verification of the social network, but also a series of advantages such as editing of tweets, the possibility of writing messages of up to 4,000 characters and two-step verification, which could be expanded in the future with priority responses, among other things. Faced with the flight of advertisers, Twitter has to make a move to generate revenue.

Although Elon Musk gives the impression of moving on impulse, the reality is that he is a more calculating person than he appears, so the global availability of Twitter Blue It already suggests that there is another movement in progress, and it is the end of the verifications that have accompanied the platform for a long time and that began to falter since the tycoon was in charge. Verifications through the old program will start to disappear from April 1a date that in Spain is just one more day on the calendar, but that in the Anglo-Saxon world is April Fools’ Day, which in most of the rest of the Western world is usually celebrated on December 28.

The elimination of the old verification system is something that has been in Twitter’s plans for months, but before that, the subscription service had to be fine-tuned, not only to give it value, but also because in the beginning it led to a grotesque wave of impersonations that forced the company to have to withdraw it and qualify it to avoid mistakes and possible lawsuits.

In short, Twitter does not back down from the transformation it undertook since Elon Musk was in charge. We will see how the social network is doing, but there are many who are not happy with the direction of the tycoon and the drift of the service in recent times, which has resulted in a trickle of users who are going to Mastodon.

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