Twitter Blue will allow access to Twitter tests

Do you remember Twitter Blue? You should not feel bad if the answer is negative, because sometimes It has come to give the feeling that even those responsible for the social network have not had this service very present either that, remember it is paid. So much so that, I admit, at some point I have come to think that the next news that would reach us about Twitter Blue would be in reference to its closure, after a fairly short life span and, let’s face it, inconsequential.

As we already told you when the social network announced Twitter Blue, back in May, it only seemed a moderately interesting proposal for social media professionals. Its functions, let us remember, are the following:

  • Revert sending a tweet up to 30 seconds after posting.
  • Saving tweets in folders.
  • Premium technical support.

I know quite a few people who use Twitter on a daily basis (personally, not professionally) and none of them showed any interest in Twitter Blue when the service was finally launched, last June. It is true that at the moment it can only be contracted in Australia, Canada and the United States, but I think that the interest it aroused, at a global level, has been low to non-existent. Bad debut for something that, in other conditions, could have been so attractive.

However, it seems that the offices of the social network have noticed and, finally, have added an advantage to Twitter Blue that does seem more interesting, and that could attract new users. And it is that as we can read in a tweet from the official Twitter Blue account, starting today your users will have access to what they have called Twitter Labs, a new feature that will provide exclusive access to the new features and tools that Twitter is testing.

Twitter Labs for Twitter Blue debuts with two features:

  • Possibility to pin conversations (only on iOS).
  • Possibility of uploading longer videos (only from desktop).

Agree, At the moment it is not that much is offered on Twitter Labs, but it is to be expected that over time more test functions will be added, making Twitter Blue an interesting possibility for those users who like to be able to participate in tests of functions that will still take a while to reach all the users (if they finally do).

However, I have been thinking about this for a while and, although as a way to monetize it seems very well thought out, I do not I am clear if it seems correct or not, and let me explain: if the functions to be tested will be exclusive to Twitter Blue, then it seems perfect, since we can call it Twitter Labs just as we could call it Twitter Preview or similar, it would simply be a system by which users paid appraise its possible new functions. Everything is within Twitter Blue.

It is different if these test functions are going to be directed to Twitter, that is, to the free service. And in this case, the role of beta testers would be assigned to paid users. And is that bad? Well I think so. Many years ago, software testing was a job (I did it myself for a while), a paid job done by professionals. Widespread public betas changed that completely.

To this day, and although there are still professional testers, a huge legion of individual users make up the bulk of software testing and services teams. From the thousand tests of Google with the surname “beta” of Google to the programs of insiders of Microsoft. And no, I am not going to criticize it, quite the contrary, it seems to me a very successful option, since it allows tests to be carried out on tens of thousands of systems, thanks to the users who decide to contribute their bit.

However, That Twitter Blue intends to monetize something like that does seem a bit gray to meLimiting the scope of the tests seems to me that it impoverishes the final result of the tests. I understand that Twitter should provide Twitter Blue with new benefits that make it more attractive to users, but I believe that limiting the scope of testing programs, which serve the common good of the platform, is a mistake.

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