Twitter eliminates the signal that let you know if an influencer cheated on you

What an end of the year it takes Twitter. The company of blue bird It was bought by Elon Musk and since then there is not a day that is not talked about it… and not exactly well. To all the scandal mounted with the verified account and its incorporation into the Twitter Blue service, now we must add the elimination of a certain function that, although it is much less serious than the entire history of the blue tick, is still the least striking and not We doubt that it will also give something to talk about…

You are going to have to forget about the anthological catches that have been made to many influencers when they claimed to be using an Android phone and in reality they were still using their iPhone. Because yes, Twitter is going to stop being so sneak.

Endless memes will go down in internet history

It is possibly one of the features that the internet has given us the most laughs. We refer to the famous label that indicated from which platform you published a tweet, thus putting more than one in trouble. And it is that in your memory there are certainly still numerous blunders related to this famous indicative and in which there have always been two protagonists: the iPhone and Android.

We put you in the situation: a brand that sells Android smartphones pays a celebrity to tweet works and miracles of your cool new android phone. Problem? That doing it was seen that she had done it from an iPhone -the famous label Twitter for iPhone-, since the social network has always indicated, as we pointed out, the platform from which it is published.

The content creator Marques Brownlee has recalled one of the many blunders that numerous (very many) celebrities and influencers have made in this regard. This is the time that Gal Gadot -the fantastic and current Wonder Woman- announced that she had a new “mate” (a play on words that uses its meaning as “partner or friend” and the name of Huawei’s Mate range) in Twitter, but he was posting from an iPhone:

Twitter user image

@elonmusk @sampullara For the memes of course

November 14, 2022 • 16:35

Caught like this, we repeat, have occurred on countless occasions, causing a real embarrassment not so much to the influencer in question but to the brand that is advertised and that practically the entire internet laughed at, even publishing memes on Twitter of what happened.

endless changes

The notice of the withdrawal of the function was given by Elon himself barely 2 hours ago in a message in which he indicates that he does not even understand why did someone think of it at the time add it:

Twitter user image

@sampullara And we will finally stop adding what device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space & compute) below every tweet. Literally no one even knows why we did that …

November 14, 2022 • 16:29

“And we will finally stop adding what device it was written from (a waste of screen space and computation) under each tweet. Literally no one knows why we did that…”

This tweet belongs to a chain opened by the CEO in which he apologized for how slow the platform was today in some countries and indicated the reasons. Taking advantage of this, he has given the news of the elimination of the sneak label.

This is just one more change of the many announced on the social network since I officially bought it. His controversial decision with the charge for verifying accounts still brings a tail as well as the massive layoffs he has made after taking control of the company. We have no doubt that this will also do so, although at least in a much less controversy.

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