Twitter enters the list of defaulters of the Treasury: how much does it owe and what does it imply?

The Spanish Tax Agency has, by law, a curious obligation.

Before December 31 of each year, you must publish a list of all those persons, natural or legal (that is, companies, associations, etc.) that owe more than 600,000 euros in taxes that they should have paid, but did not.

This list, which includes those who are in this situation as of August 31 of each year, contains no less than 7,300 records. This shows that we are all the Treasury, but obviously some of us are more so than others.

Y on its page 132, nothing more and nothing less than Twitter appears, the social network of good vibes and yes, obviously, I’m being sarcastic.

It is his first time and we will tell you everything, not to mention that I did not amortize the Economics degree.

How much money does Twitter owe to the Treasury?

Well, specifically, 800,795 euros “You’re welcome” that has been hiding from the Spanish Tax Agency.

Meanwhile, you and I have to lift the weight of what she and thousands of others fail to pay.

What does that Twitter tax debt mean for your future?

The truth is surely nothing serious for them.

Although these levels of debt already imply jail in addition to fines, in the case of large companies, the structure they have in place protects their managers. Return agreements are also reached in terms and conditions that are more advantageous than for you and me.

For that money, Twitter is not going to close and open with another name, as other companies do, nor do we believe that the sanction will mean much.

How much does Twitter earn in Spain and in the world?

Well Twitter didn’t have a good year in 2020, as the streak of positive results was broken. The pandemic touched them and lost about 935 million euros Worldwide.

However, it is true that their income increased, but it was not enough to put their numbers in the green. Twitter wins with advertising and, due to the coronavirus, there was a global stop in online marketing during the first half of 2020.

To give you an idea, in 2019, Twitter had global profits of just over 1,200 million euros and, in Spain, he earned 256,422 euros.

I also anticipate that these results are usually not very significant.

Both Twitter, like most large companies, have networks by which they derive benefits from some subsidiaries to others in different countries, to land most of these benefits in the nations where they pay less.

What has Twitter said about this debt with the Tax Agency?

You may have already guessed it, but while the social network has been crying over its results and trying to spark anyone’s understanding, Twitter has not made any statement in this regard. from that list of defaulters.

We don’t think he’s going to do it either, and in fact, we don’t even think he cares much or that Dorsey left because of this. His army of lawyers will try to agree whatever to close as soon as possible.

We’ll see if Twitter continues to appear on the delinquent list next year or pays what it really owes.

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