Twitter is already testing the edit tweet button

Probably the best tease from the April Fools this year was from Twitter, which posted a message with the text “we are working on an edit button«. Due to the date, we all understood that it was a joke, of course, but in reality the joke was to pass it off as a joke, because the truth is that they were working on it for some time now. Only a few days later, Elon Musk wanted to “throw it off”, taking credit for the fact that the message editing function was going to be real thanks to him… something that was answered by the social network itself, in what we can consider as the first encounter between the two parties.

In the months that have passed since we have been learning more about the long-awaited tweet editing feature. We learned, and this seemed like excellent news to me, that the edit history of the messages will be preserved, thus avoiding the manipulation of the meaning of the messages once they have been able to reach a high number of interactions. This was one of the first things related to post editing that we could see how it would show up. A lot of information concentrated in the month of April.

Since then we’ve had a lot of news on Twitter, both regarding Elon Musk’s buy-don’t-buy soap opera and other features, but the edit button hadn’t made headlines or been seen again until a while ago. month. However, when we learned a month ago that the social network was going to raise the prices of Twitter Blue, we thought it was a sign of two important aspects of the tweet editing feature: that it was already close to arriving, and that at least at first it would only be available to subscribers of this payment method.

And it seems that we were not wrong. Just one month later the social network has announced that they are already carrying out tests, so we will soon begin to see messages indicating that they have been edited. As we already told you at the time, the editing time will be limited to 30 minutes from its publication, the modifications will also be indicated in the embedded tweets and, at least for now, the function will only be released among Twitter Blue users.

The deployment, yes, it is expected to be slow and, perhaps, limited. Both geographically and by types of accountsthe social network does not provide specific information on phases and deadlines, something that coincides with the also more than slow pace of deployment of Twitter Blue.

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